Thursday 23 May 2013

May 23rd - LA QUIETE and the greatest noise I've ever heard

This post's artist (LA QUIETE) is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #11.

LA QUIETE is hands down one of the all-time greatest screamo bands. They helped define the genre after their formation in 2000 near Forli, Italy. They have shared members with Raein, Death of Anna Karina and Contrasto. Generally, LA QUIETE play(ed) screamo in the vein of Saetia and Funeral Diner - which basically means screamed vocals layered over either clean and catchy riffing or lightning-fast bursts of noise. They labeled themselves as "impassioned heavy hardcore" and have said they are influenced by Envy, Pg.99 and Orchid.

I feel like the band's sound has evolved twice since their inception, thereby creating 3 very similar, but slightly different styles. 2000-2002 had the band at their most aggressive and screamy. 2003-2005 was their peak (in my opinion), as the truly matured sound shines through on the near-perfect 'La Fine Non E La Fine' 12" record - which finds an amazing balance between clean, groovin' guitars and spastic bouts of screaming. 2006-2009 found the band with a new guitarist which made the instrumentals much more expansive and in-your-face, especially the guitars, while the screamy vocals have been replaced by more of a garage-rock yell.

Last I heard, they were going to record something, and I saw they were touring this year - so let's keep our fingers crossed, because a new album could be phenomenal, as 'La Fine Non E La Fine' is the greatest screamo album of all time - bar none. The LP is very rare and out of print. I love you all. Here's the link to download it.

One last thing, I met these guys at the greatest show ever (LA QUIETE, Phoenix Bodies, Ed Gein and Storm the Bastille) and the bassist was one of the nicest people I've ever met. After telling him that my wife and I had driven to Cleveland all the way from Toronto, Canada - he nearly shit his pants and proceeded to try and give me some of their records. I already owned every record they had with them, so I said, "Don't worry about it," and went to put my wife's merch in the car. I was run down by the bassist after exiting the building, as he had fished out a T-shirt to give to me for free. How fucking awesome is that? Oops, sorry. No more questions.

LA QUIETE's records and shirts can be bought here:

2001-2004 compilation tracks and 7" splits with the following bands:
The Pine
KC Milan
Catena Collapse
Apoplexy Twist Orchestra

2004 - La Fine Non E La Fine 10"/12"LP (the 10" version was released first, but had sub-par quality, so a 12" was reissued - I had both and must say the 12" sounds leaps and bounds better than the 10", so if you're trying to bid on one somewhere, stay away from the 10" version)
***************DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM from zippyshare***************
(purchase here)

2005 - Split w/Louise Cyphre cd/10"LP

2006 - Tenpeun 01.05 cd (compilation of everything recorded before their only LP) (purchase here)

2006 - La Quiete 7" + video cd (whale 7")

2008 - La Quiete cd/7" (white 7")

2009 - Split w/Phoenix Bodies 7"

2009 - 2006-2009 cd (compilation of the two self titled 7" records) (purchase here)

LA QUIETE - La Fine Non E La Fine [The End Is Not The End] (FULL mp3 DOWNLOAD from zippyshare)

LA QUIETE - Fiori Neri Per Ian Illich (Black Flowers For Ivan Illich) live video link to youtube

LA QUIETE - Ciò Che Non Siamo Ciò Che Non Vogliamo (What We Are Not, What We Don't Want) audio link to youtube

LA QUIETE - Raid Aero Sul Paese Delle Farfalle (Air Raid in the Land of the Butterflies) audio link to youtube

LA QUIETE - Riflessioni Sul Peccato (Thoughts On Sin) audio link to youtube

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