Tuesday 8 May 2018

***EUTH exclusive album premiere***

exclusive album premiere

I first heard EUTH when the drummer Adam sent me "Blind Rotters" from their Closet Witch split to premiere back in June of 2016 (linked here) and I nearly shat myself. Fast forward to August 2016 and I witnessed them lay waste to Swamp Fest II in Richmond (linked here). In 2016 they also released a split with Ankou which catapulted the band into my Best Of 2016 list (linked here). I waited patiently in 2017 with no news, although I did write this discography review. But in early 2018 I was asked to help release their new, self titled 12"LP and I human cannon-balled myself at that opportunity. 'Euth' is 8 songs of evil, technical, screamy and prodigiously heavy hardcore/metal. The Laramie band is self described as "screechy, blasty, hectic Wyoming false grind" and I am currently nodding in agreement with that. The black 12"LP will drop (that's right, Lars 😏) in early summer 2018 on the following awesome labels which can you can pre-order from by clicking through their name.

EUTH 'Euth' 12"LP
pre-order from:

React With Protest (Germany)

A few quick words about each track:
1 - "Twin Tombs"
      A deceptive opening with a lot of melody and restraint that is eventually dismantled and destroyed.

2 - "Land of the Breathing"
      The shortest of the songs, and quite possibly the Botch-iest.

3 - "San Pedro"
      This lays waste to the listener 40 seconds in and has the crunchiest and heaviest riff on the record.

4 - "Caustic Skin"
      At 3:48 this behemoth crashes around, sometimes slowly and other times in a frantic panic, making it one of the most versatile tracks here.

5 - "Peace in the Narrow"
      Another relatively lengthy song, it has more of a swelling, brooding nightmare feel and a final minute that will haunt your dreams.

6 - "Bleached White Hell"
      Unrelenting and utterly ridiculous in the drumming department, this song will likely remove your facial skin cuz it fuckin' shreds.

7 - "Disposed"
      Dark and disturbing with fierce, venomous vocals...wait, that's every track.

8 - "Anomic Death"
      An epic closer with phenomenal guitarin', particularly from 30 seconds onward, that leads the song and album to its deathly, bass-heavy close.

Be sure to check out EUTH on their upcoming tour in late May and early June with Closet Witch!
5/29 Laramie, WY

5/30 Omaha, NE

5/31 Minneapolis, MN TBA

6/1 Milwaukee, WI

6/2 Chicago, IL TBA

6/3 Quad Cities

6/4 St. Louis, MO

6/5 Kansas City, MO TBA

6/6 Wichita, KS

6/7 Denver, CO

6/8 Colorado Springs, CO