Wednesday 16 May 2018

***CROWNING / FRAIL BODY tour video premiere***

It's rare to get to work and be friends with people in a band that give constant mutual support, words of inspiration and kindness. So when Chicago's CROWNING asked me to premiere their new tour video I was ecstatic. Especially considering that had I not moved in 2017, I would have witnessed that ridiculous show in Toronto with Terry Green and Marée Noire, to boot. So here it is, 12 minutes of sweet shots, hilarious commentary, tidbits of live footage (to keep you salivating) and candid moments of amazing people. The thank you list in this video takes up almost 10% of it, and is a testament to the kind of people CROWNING are.

💓 Dave / Justin / Vanessa / Myles / James 💓

I hope you enjoy it.



If you need to hear more FRAIL BODY, why not check out their premiere that we did yesterday right heeya.

If you'd like to grab a copy of the second version of the CROWNING 'Funeral Designs' cassette EP go here. (as of this post there are 2 copies of the first version in stock)

If you like a CROWNING / SWALLOWS NEST split 7" click this thing.

And if you're hankering to see more CROWNING, here is their full set from Zegema Beach Records Fest 2017:

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