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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Screamo / Skramz / Emo-violence
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CountryBari ITALY
Years Active2014-2016
Song: "Mediocrità"
Album: "Per Sempre Tempesta"
Year: 2015
For fans of: Eros+Massacre, Tempano, La Quiete, Raein, June Paik, Crowning, Yotsuya Kaidan, Virginia On Duty, 49 Morphines, Orchid, Envy, The Third Memory, Wolves, YageMališa BahatRavin, ByMySide, Ogni Giorno, Blind GirlsУлыбайся Ветру, Daighila, Council Of RatsTakaru, Danse Macabre, Portrëit and Craneo aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Upwind Productions / Middle Man Records / Dingleberry Records / Screamore / Idioteq.
This post's artist is from the November 2017 Mix. This is track #1.
You can download: the November 2017 Mix#11 right here or get the new December 2017 Mix#12 here.

FOLGORE were from Italy and only released one, six-track EP in 2015. It is so fucking good. Don't sleep on this band. The vocals are top notch screams and the instrumentals pack a punch while retaining a decent sense of melody and intricacy. If you like the dark and heavy Malaysian screamo as well as the tone and playfulness of Italian screamo, FOLGORE will likely blow your socks off.

The band's only release (on both cd and cassette) 'Per Sempre Tempesta' opens with "Epiloghi". Instrumentally akin to La Quiete and Raein, melodic yet still hardcore, the mammoth screams are generally at the forefront, as they should be because they're fucking awesome. I love the slight time change at 1:30, which picks up the pace and leads out through the song's conclusion. "Likho" is much faster and aggressive than the opener and gets seriously fucking nuts just before the one-minute mark with prodigious guitars and fabulous, throaty screams that resemble what many bands in Malaysia are perfecting at the moment, it seems. "Ferocia" is short but at 1:18 it blazes through the screamo movements, complete with a touch of light and spacey Swedish instrumentals and one hell of a close, with vocals that could strip paint off the highway after the one-minute mark. "Chiava" is a noodley guitar workshop complete with tapping and general, ballistic, killer screamo for the first and final 35 seconds, with a relatively chill bit in the middle. "Mediocrità" is the slow, epic builder of the album and perhaps the crowning achievement. The first minute and a bit begins with lonely guitars and what may or may not be an audio clip. When the second, noodley guitar chimes in and before the stop/start blasts, it sounds a heck of a lot like Envy. At 1:30 the screaming begins, as the song toys with listener, threatening to strike but never actually attacking until 2:11. And then, good god, it explodes. Seriously this part is so amazing, with phenomenal vocal placement and screams, and a full climax bearing down from 3:14 onward. Full head bob. Goosebumps as big as mountains. Ear to ear grin. It's that good. Closer "Alba" is short and honestly does the least for me, making it the worst track on the record, but still a decent song.

Looks like FOLGORE likely called it quits in 2016, which sucks because their followup material would have been extremely high up on my watch list.



2015 - Per Sempre Tempesta cd/cassetteEP (stream/donate/download here)


(2015) FOLGORE - "Mediocrità" (from 'Per Sempre Tempesta')

(2015) FOLGORE - "Ferocia" (from 'Per Sempre Tempesta')

(2015) FOLGORE - "Likho" (from 'Per Sempre Tempesta')


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