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***ANEMONE / VIA FONDO exclusive interview***

GenresPunk / Emo / Screamo / Skramz / Post-Rock / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore
Related artistsVia Fondo, Mystery Language, "crappy metalcore band" and "another crappy metalcore band"
CountryTierp SWEDEN
Years Active2005-2009
Song: "This Is My Combat Smile"
Album: "In Passenger Seats I'm Yours to Keep"
Year: 2006
For fans ofRaein, Via Fondo, Careless, Pettersson, Trachimbrod, State Faults, Rainmaker, Young Mountain, Ogni Giorno, ØjneThe Third Memory, Dip Leg, We Had A Deal, Det Är Därför Vi Bygger Städer, Snøras, ByMySide, Amber Daybreak, Suis La Lune, The Khayembii Communiqué and La Quiete aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Self Released / Blessed Hands Records / Desormais / Théâtre Records / Abitbol Records / Hidden Rainbows / Vinyl Kisses Recs / Gediget Records / We Want Love! Hugs & Kisses
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ANEMONE. A band that took me way too long to listen to, especially considering I'm a rabid Via Fondo follower and supporter. During the better part of 2017 I've been jamming their 2006 to 2010 releases and you can totally hear the beginnings of their incredible work in Via Fondo, but with a much stronger emphasis on dual screaming and an obvious Raein influence. Releasing a bunch of EPs and a few compilation tracks (as well as a few releases that I'm dumbfounded as to where and when they came from) they steadily honed their style, with obvious evolutionary advancements with 2008's 'Sedens Bördor' and their 2009 'Tactiturn split'. The Raein love is perhaps most obvious in style as well as song title with their best song from their 2006 EP 'In Passenger Seats I'm Yours to Keep', which layers scream upon scream with a very "Tiger Suit"-esque guitars.

In 2007 the band digitally released 'Systematiskt stopp i lidandets maskineri' and began honing their sound, which contains two righteous tracks of dreamy and screamy Swedish hardcore. "Del1" is a 2:47 romp led by Gustav's demanding drumming and Del2" spreads itself evenly over 4:15 thanks to a screamy beginning that teeters on an ambient interlude before dropping off the cliff and descending into passionate, deep and intricate screamo.

Stepping even further away from the Italian screamo sound with 'Sedens Bördor', the spacey riffs and drawn out, clean progressions begin to become focal points of the songs. The general songwriting seems more mature whilst experimenting simultaneously, resulting in some amazing tracks, including the slow, beautifully intricate and serene instrumental jam that is "Tjugoett- Fyrtiofem", the unbelievable "Livet i sverige är en långsam död" with the trademark Elina spacey, Swedish twinkles (although perhaps a tad darker than Via Fondo) and the absolutely splendid climax that is the five-and-a-half  minute closer "Snön". At this point in their short tenure as a band they sounded most like Japan's Dip Leg and Norway's Snøras.

The final set of recordings for ANEMONE are housed on the 2009 'Tactiturn split', minus a compilation track called "Limericks of Untamed Christianity" released the following year. That comp track is well worth your time, and you can thank our resident screamo fan and contributor Mike Van Buren for converting the cassette to digital format. This thing is awesome, with the thickest, most complete vocal screams of their career, as well as fantastically grooving sections at 20 seconds, 40 seconds, 1:40 and the final minute. It's without a doubt one of ANEMONE's best songs, as is the opener from the split. "Städer Städer" is screamy and frantic for the first 1:25 before settling into a vibrant, mesmerizing concoction of swirling notes and driving drum beats, and it might actually transcend space and time aka it's my Euphio Question (a short story by Kurt Vonnegut). "Blodsgåvor" is 20 seconds of spazzy La Quiete worship while the 4:14 "Ny Dag, Samma Dag" is an eerie and haunting European screamo jam with Elina's very distinguishable vocals, and is without a doubt the most Via Fondo sounding song that ANEMONE ever produced. "En Fast Punkt" rips through in 1:37 using higher guitar notes and zero breakdowns while closer "Ett Andetag" is very chill without being a slow jam.

I went to Sweden this past summer and visited my friend Elina who played guitar and sang in ANEMONE and currently does so in Via Fondo. We sat down at Uppsala Castle and did a 30-minute video interview. We discussed a bunch of things, including, but not limited to, our mutual love of Hopesfall's 'No Wings To Speak Of', ANEMONE's history, the making of the "Rovaniemi" music video (linked here) rerecording all of 'Efter, Utan Under' after a botched first attempt, the future of Via Fondo and Elina's gender transitioning. Thank you again, Elina 💓


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2006 - In Passenger Seats I'm Yours to Keep cdEP

2007 - Systematiskt stopp i lidandets maskineri digitalEP

2008 - Sedens Bördor cdrEP

2009 - Taciturn split cd/cassette/12"LP

2010 - Vi Är Alla Släkt cassette compilation (contributed "Limericks Of Untamed Christianity")

(2017) Exclusive video interview with Elina from ANEMONE and VIA FONDO

(2010) ANEMONE - "Limericks Of Untamed Christianity" (from 'Vi Är Alla Släkt' comp)

(2009) ANEMONE - "Städer Städer" (from 'Taciturnsplit)

(2008) ANEMONE - "Livet i sverige är en långsam död" (from 'Sedens Bördor')

(2008) ANEMONE - "Snön" (from 'Sedens Bördor')

(2007) ANEMONE - "Del2" (from 'systematiskt stopp i lidandets maskineri')

(2007) ANEMONE - "Del1" (from 'systematiskt stopp i lidandets maskineri')

(2007) ANEMONE - "Simon's Exploding Appendix" (from some compilation)

(2006) ANEMONE - "This is My Combat Smile" (from 'In Passenger Seats I'm Yours to Keep')


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