Wednesday, 6 September 2017

***SAMARRA exclusive premiere***

Members of .gif from god, Truman, Majorel, Caust, Tri-State Killing Spree and This Land Is Now Dead put on a brooding hardcore/screamo/emo-violence clinic with new demo EP titled 'We Feel We Are Accomplices'

My first introduction to SAMARRA was at the 2016 Swamp Fest II in Richmond, Virginia. I had spoken with each member separately on facebook and whatnot, but seeing them play together as a cohesive unit was, for lack of a better word, staggering. Not often do I get that excited after seeing a band for the first time. I quickly approached the individuals after their set and told them that мятеж would be ecstatic to do a split with SAMARRA. I actually have the tracks for the split, but our side is still being mastered so the split cassette EP should go to the duplication plant in mid-September for a later October release. The three songs by SAMARRA on that split are downright fantastic, and you can hear them all in October when we premiere everything, likely here.

About two days back I received a message from Drew (bass/vocals), as she had told me earlier that the band recorded three additional songs that were being put on a digital-only release titled 'We Feel We Are Accomplices', and that they were all done and ready to be premiered! Let's take a listen, shall we?

(2017) SAMARRA - "Fear of Intimacy" (from 'We Feel We Are Accomplices')

(2017) SAMARRA - "A Wrinkle in Time" (from 'We Feel We Are Accomplices')

(2017) SAMARRA - "Trauma Literature" (from 'We Feel We Are Accomplices')

There's also a demo track of an upcoming song on the мятеж split tape which is linked right here. Check back in late October for a full discography review including the second release.

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