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GenresPunk / Emotive Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Grunge / Rock
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CountryRockville Centre, New York U.S.A.
Years Active1996-1997
Song: "Silhouetted"
Album: "Closure"
Year: 1997
For fans ofSleepytime Trio, Maximillian Colby, Portraits Of Past, Funeral DinerThe ExploderShotmaker, Saetia, The State Secedes, Off Minor, I Am The Resurrection, Four Hundred Years, Rye Coalition, Ecorche, An Arrow In Flight, The Last Forty Seconds, Montcalm, Twelve Hour Turn, Majority Rule, Bravo Fucking Bravo, Coma Regalia and Indian Summer aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): The Mountain Collective For Independent Artists, Ltd. / Linkwork Records
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CLOSURE is a band that I only recently found out about thanks to John Dickenson from Youth Novel recommending them to me maybe two or three years back. He was spot on, because this early emo/screamy hardcore style is one I'm a goddamn sucker for, as well as any fan of Funeral Diner, Portraits Of Past, Shotmaker, Four Hundred Years and Sleepytime Trio. In 1996 they released a split with Breakwater on 7", but the two songs are loose and lack the punch of the 1997 self titled. They are decent, though, and end up sounding like early demos from Majority Rule. 'Closure' was released on cd and 12" by The Mountain Collective For Independent Artists, Ltd. and is remarkable considering the year it was released. Songs such as the intensely screamy "KM" (with awesome guitarin' at 2:06), the super chill and very grooving "Sebastian", the quintessential mid-90s emo sound in "Silhouetted" and "Inferno" are all great songs. "Time Off" is my personal favourite, as it boasts a ridiculous guitar riff and is the definition of driving, screamy, emotive hardcore. It's crazy to think something like this existed 20 years ago, but it did, and it was awesome. Download the full discography here!


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1996 - Breakwater split 7"EP

1997 - Closure cd/12"LP


(1997) CLOSURE - "Time Off" (from 'Closure')

(1997) CLOSURE - "KM" (from 'Closure')

(1997) CLOSURE - "Silhouetted" (from 'Closure')

(1996) CLOSURE - "Servant in Silence" (from 'Breakwater' split)


CLOSURE out of print mp3 discography download

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