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GenresPunk / Rock / Post-Hardcore / Emo / Emotive Hardcore / Screamo / Prog
Related artistsLight The Fuse And Run, City Of Caterpillar, Kojak, Brainworms, Municipal Waste, Sweat Lodge, Flesh Eating Creeps, Pink Razors and Flashbulb Memory.
CountryRichmond, Virginia USA
Years Active2001-2003
Song: "When Doves Cry"
Album: "Demo"
Year: 2002
For fans ofAim Of ConradWow, Owls!Wild Guess, Logs, D'Amore, Mouse Fitzgerald, Flashbulb Memory, On The Might Of Princes, Ten Grand, Hot Cross, Drummers, The Holy Shroud, Congratulations, Dream Caste, Malady, 1994!, No Tonuge, Creepozoids, Worst Gift, The Reptilian, Kill Sadie, Sing! Sing! Prison, Life At These Speeds, North Of America, Serotonin, Adolina and Light The Fuse And Run aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Life In A Box / Robotic Empire / Waking Records / The Perpetual Motion Machine
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STOP IT!! were a band I missed out on for many years because I shyed away from 12" after hearing it once as I wasn't impressed with the vocals and remembering thinking a general "meh". Finally I was given a STOP IT!! 'Demo' 10" for the distro and I decided to transfer it to mp3 as I couldn't find it anywhere online and remembered a few friends telling me it was their best. Holy fuck, they were right.

So in 2002 the band released their 'Demo' cd/10"EP and it is a flawless, sassy, mathy and powerful ordeal. The opener "When Doves Cry" is probably the best song ever released by the band and screams a garage rock meets screamo and math rock concoction not unlike Aim Of Conrad, Life At These Speeds, Wild Guess and Wow, Owls!. If this kind of name dropping got your attention then just stop reading and download the EP. I revisited 'Self Made Maps' before writing this review and am still not sold on it. I like it, but the 'Demo' is most certainly my thing. The gruffer vocals don't excite me and the songwriting is still interesting but the focus on progressive songwriting and less in-your-face rock/hardcore is much less appeasing to my ears.



2002 - Demo cd/10"EP (download EP here and buy 10" here)

2003 - Self Made Maps cd/12"LP (stream/donate/download here)


(2002) STOP IT!! - "When Doves Cry" (from 'Demo')

(2002) STOP IT!! - "My Prerogative" (from 'Demo')

(2002) STOP IT!! - "Paradise City" (from 'Demo')

(2003) STOP IT!! - "Captain Roboto" (from 'Self Made Maps')

(2003) STOP IT!! - "Remove Your Teeth" (from 'Self Made Maps')


STOP IT!! out of print mp3 discography download / additional links

(download here)

Buy 'Demo' 10"EP here

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