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GenresPunk / Post-Hardcore / Emo
Related artistsThe Brass, Fellow Project, Primitive Weapons, Haan, Villa Vina, Go White Bronco, Limbs and Serpent And The Rainbow.
CountryManhasset, New York USA
Years Active1998-2004
Song: "Go Fuck Yrself"
Album: "Sirens"
Year: 2003
For fans ofPeople's Temple Project, Life In Vacuum, D'Amore, Rickyfitts, Desaparecidos, Sweetheart, The Fall Of Troy, Congratulations, Bright Calm Blue, Ten Grand, The Vida Blue, Thursday, Sunny Day Real Estate, Superstitions Of The Sky, Valandora and Moneen aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Self Released / Revelation Records / Rok Lok Records / Creep Records / Traffic Violation Records / Eugenics Record Label
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Do I like ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES? Yeah. Is that a strange answer? Yeah. From what I've noticed this is a band that people either love or hate (but generally love). I'm right in the middle.

I first heard ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES when their final album was released. I liked it and bought the cd and jam the few really good tracks I've found. I also checked out their earlier releases, which seem to be heralded as supreme emo from the late 90s and early 2000s, but was unimpressed. The raw style and careening vocals weren't really my bag. The later material is much more fleshed out and cohesive, generally with builds and climaxes...y'know, mature song writing and such. The lovers of the early material would probably attest to these statements and be totally accurate, as music is subjective and the first two LPs are definitely gritty and honest records.

The first LP really doesn't do anything for me, but the end of 'Making of a Conversation' aka the last three tracks are much better than the preceeding seven and a good precursor for what was to come. The next LP called 'Where You Are And Where You Want To Be' is another album I've rarely listened to, but upon jamming it again for this review I definitely find myself liking it more than before. "The Water Vs. The Anchor" is a great emo/screamo song, as is the dissonant and complex "Old Wives Tale" which also happens to be the heaviest song ever released by the band. "You Can Only Be So Careful" is almost six minutes of screamy hardcore goodness and might be the best song on the record, along with "For Meg" which is an epic number that surpasses the 7-minute mark.

The final LP 'Sirens' is my jam, as mentioned above. The opener "No Sign of the Messiah, Pt. 2" is a brooding, post-rock/post-hardcore affair that could definitely be likened to Funeral Diner. "Go Fuck Yrself" is singing to what I consider to be as passionate as you can get before breaking into broken shards of melodies. Seriously right off the bat the raw emotion and power are prominent in those early bits as well as the very catchy and clean mid-section that leads to a screaming climax. "Here Comes the Sirens" is not far from an emo version of Circa Survive. That chorus is fucking kicking. "Cloak & Dagger" is a throaty venture with a lot of hoarse vocals and semi-poppy emo/post-hardcore. At 52 seconds the clean singing comes in and really sweeps me off my feet every time. The build afterwards gets seriously groovy again at 2:30 with that dreamy, atmospheric, Black Love-post-hardcore type sound which leads out the songs for the remaining three minutes.

In the end, maybe I'm not the right person to be doing the review. Maybe I'm perfect because I neither love nor hate the band. Who knows? You will after you jam a few songs. Always decide for yourself.


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1998 - Demo cassetteEP

1999 - The Making of a Conversation cdLP

2001 - Where You Are And Where You Want To Be cd/12"LP
2001- Live at WNYU digitalEP

2003 - Sirens cdLP


(2003) ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES - "Here Come the Sirens" (from 'Sirens')

(2003) ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES - "Go Fuck Yrself" (from 'Sirens')

(2003) ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES - "Cloak & Dagger" (from 'Sirens')

(2001) ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES - "You Can Only Be So Careful" (from 'Where You Are And Where You Want To Be')

(2001) ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES - "Old Wives Tale" (from 'Where You Are And Where You Want To Be')

(1999) ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES - "A Shadow Taller Than You" (from 'The Making of a Conversation')

(1998) ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES - "Anywhere in Europe" (from 'Demo')


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