Wednesday 18 May 2016

***GILLIAN CARTER w/Respire, Hammerhands, The World That Summer & Space Case show review***

Back in March of 2014 I met the fellas in GILLIAN CARTER because they were touring with their other band The Caution Children in Waterloo, Ontario (show and videos linked here). Fast forward to early 2016 and I was talking to Logan about getting GILLIAN CARTER up to Canada for the first time and low and behold it came true. Hamilton was the first of three Canadian dates on their 30+ day tour across North America, which is listed below:
5/6 @ Compass in Charleston, SC
5/7 @ Scrap Iron Bicycle Gallery in Wilmington, NC
5/8 @ 25 Watt in Richmond, VA
5/9 @ Skramden Yards in Balrimote, MD
5/10 @ Lower Level in Philly, PA
5/11 @ Bushwick Public House in Brooklyn, NY
5/12 @ The Meatlocker in Montclair, NJ
5/13 @ The Lair in Buffalo, NY
5/14 @ Taco Joint & Metal Bar in Hamilton, ON, CA
5/15 @ Buddha Basement in Toronto, ON, CA
5/16 @ Jane Bond in Kitchener, ON, CA
5/17 @ Shakespeare's in Kalamazoo, MI
5/18 @ Fools House in Akron, OH
5/19 @ Paradox Lounge in Indianapolis, IN
5/20 @ Downstairs at Subterranean in Chicago, IL
5/21 @ Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center in St. Louis, MO
5/22 @ Ferguson School in Somerset, KY
5/23 @ DRKMTTR in Nashville, TN
5/24 @ Desert Island Supply Company in Birmingham, AL
5/25 @ ??? in Denton, TX
5/26 @ ??? in Fort Worth, TX
5/27 @ The Pool at Metropolis Apartments in Austin, TX
5/28 @ Paper Tiger in San Antonio, TX
5/29 @ Walters in Houston, TX
5/30 @ POETS in Layfette, LA
5/31 @ House Show in Dothan, AL
6/1 @ A&M Theatre in Panama City, FL
6/2 @ Bread and Roses in Tallahassee, FL
6/3 @ Hardback Cafe in Gainesville, FL
6/4 @ Burro bar in Jacksonville, FL

I was also lucky enough to attend the Congratulations reunion show with GILLIAN CARTER and my good friends Terry Green which will be linked later next week.

In 2013 I reviewed their 10" 'Lost Ships Sinking With the Sunset' here.

If you are in Canada or want other stuff ZBR I picked up two 12"LPs for the distro which can be purchased here. Otherwise head over to Skeletal Lightning (usa) here or Dog Knights Productions (uk) here.

**********************On to the show!**********************

Toronto/Mississauga's SPACE CASE started the night with a primarily 2-piece lo-fi/punk/garage rock set packed with enough flare to keep people interested for the first half, but after the 30-minute mark the crowd got a little restless. Here's a song that isn't up on bandcamp yet, so I don't know the title.

Oh RESPIRE, you are too good. Packing the front of the room with six members is the norm for the band, but the trumpet player Emmett had a previously committed gig with his other musical outfit and was balanced with Stefan on the violin. The effect was fantastic on tracks such as "Ascent" but were underutilized on songs like "Eternal Nothing" which I have linked below, which still sounds great but the lack of trumpet is noticeable. Playing for just over 20 minutes, RESPIRE packed The Doors Pub with people being obviously blown away and asking when the 'Gravity and Grace' 12" will be coming out. Answer? Later this summer. Be sure to check out the LP on bandcamp now and see the band whenever they play.

"Eternal Nothing"

This was a really fun show. We played some songs. Here's one that'll be on the 8-way 2x12" later this year. We also just released our first cassette as a split with Apostles Of Eris.

"The Standard Gravity of Impending Doom"

GILLIAN CARTER. Holy fuck. I've been a massive GC fan ever since the nearly perfect 'Lost Ships Sinking With the Sunset' 10". I've always heard the band tore it up live and in a way even that description doesn't do GC justice. Mixing larynx shredding screams with instrumentals ranging from atmospheric rock all the way to screamy hardcore and black metal, the three fellas lit it up with Logan flinging around his guitar whilst dancing, Tony nearly flying off his drum set and Bob looking chill as all hell. The 9 songs played all appear on the band's last four releases and are a testament to the greatness that the band produces. Playing some of my personal favourites such as "Dissertation #1 (Trapped)", "When the Music Stopped 2012", "Depsondency", "I've Been Forgotten & So Have You" and "Rotting", it was enthralling to witness and I'm rather proud of myself for capturing every song on camera as a record of that ridiculous set. If you have the chance to see them live do yourself a favour and make the trek out to the show, I promise you will not be disappointed, as years later you won't have the heavy regret weighing you down because you fucked up. Here is the full set. Prepare yourself...

1 - "Dissertation #1 (Trapped)"

2 - "Sparks to the Sky"

3 - "Fragments of a Eulogy"

4 - "When the Music Stopped 2012"

5 & 6 - "The Letter and the Response" & "Despondency"

7 - "I've Been Forgotten & So Have You"

8 - "Rotting"

9 - "Remembering Her the Way She Was (Alive)"

About a month before this show I wrote a review for the long defunct Mississauga screamy, mathy hardcore band The Love And Terror Cult. After sending the band's facebook a message I received news back that the members had started a new project and had already recorded and released two albums. I checked them out, was hella into it, contacted the band about the show and was extremely excited when they agreed to close out the night. Playing for just under half an hour, the sludgy, doomy and jarring post-hardcore/post-metal was not unlike bands in the Hydra Head crowd, such as Jesuit, Isis and Jesu. Here is a track from the 2013 LP 'Glaciers'.


A note from Dave:
A million thanks to everyone who attended the show and supported the bands, especially Gillian Carter who were touring quite a ways from home.

To the idiots who got in a brawl outside after the show, you will never enter a show I put on again. I have a video of you yelling into my camera, you jackass.

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