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GenresStandup Comedy / Improvisational Comedy
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CountryAddison, Illinois USA
Years Active2009-present
Track: "God of Thunder"
Album: "Whiskey Icarus"
Year: 2013
Label(s): Comedy Central Records / Aspecialthing Records / Stand Up Records / Rad Girlfriend Records / Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club
This post's artist is from the January 2014 Mix. This is track #5.
You can download: the March Mix#3 right here or get the new April 2015 Mix#4 here.
For fans ofPete Holmes, Dane Cook, John Mulaney and laughter in general.

KYLE KINANE is able to go from sounding like a complete idiot to a genius in the span of a few short seconds. His dumb-witted persona cracks and the poignant, sharp personality shines through.
He has a relatively raspy voice that he uses with the perfect emphasis and is the kind of guy people would gravitate to at a party. He constantly pokes fun at himself and that is the basis for the majority of his material. A fair amount of his stuff are simply amusing stories told with excellent diction and tone. He really pulls the listener in with his delivery, which is a fantastic kicker to great material.

When I first listened to 'Whiskey Icarus' I was fucking smitten. It's an excellent first listen, second, get the point. "God of Thunder" is his best bit. It's so hilarious. It's a story of a man who sits near him on an airplane and eats pancakes out of a footlocker bag and there's no way it doesn't make you smile. Everyone I've ever showed it to have thoroughly enjoyed it and laughed. "Flaming Youth" chronicles the sexual romp of a couple sitting next to him on another flight while he got drunk and cheered them on. "Rock And Roll Party" leads to a hilarious punchline about an 80s song on a tombstone in a graveyard that gets me every time. Those are only three examples but seriously, check this shit out.

I've only recently discovered 'Death of the Party', KYLE KINANE's first full length. This is its downfall for me, as I generally like to start chronologically instead of reverse and his new material is much stronger. That being said it's still worth a listen, just don't expect the polished and hilarious material that is found on 'Whiskey Icarus'. There are some exceptions, such as "Gonna Raise Hell" which equates a bunny face-fucking episode to watching a star explode. He then transitions perfectly into, "Hey, anybody here ever make that mistake right when you wake up in the morning and you believe in yourself?" which is something I can relate to, being a pessimistic person who lacks confidence often.

KYLE KINANE released a new Comedy Central special in 2015 titled 'I Liked His Old Stuff Better' and it's pretty decent, especially the Hustler bit. As it's a video special and not an album (at least yet) I'll stop talking about it but you can view it in full here. I also found out that KYLE KINANE did a split 7" with a band called The Slow Death and I'd assume it's a b-side from the 'Whiskey Icarus' sessions but don't quote me. "Skunk" is mildly amusing but I can see why it wasn't put on the LP. Lastly, here he is talking about how Screeching Weasel influenced his life. ------------>



2009 - Death of the Party cd/12"LP

2013 - Whiskey Icarus cd/2x12"LP

2014 - Under the Table #2 split (w/The Slow Death) 7" (stream/buy here)

2015 - I Liked His Older Stuff Better Comedy Central special

(2013) KYLE KINANE - "God of Thunder" (from 'Whiskey Icarus')

(2013) KYLE KINANE - "Rock and Roll Party" (from 'Whiskey Icarus')

(2013) KYLE KINANE - "Flaming Youth" (from 'Whiskey Icarus')

(2009) KYLE KINANE - "Dream Police" (from 'Death of the Party')

(2009) KYLE KINANE - "Gonna Raise Hell" (from 'Death of the Party')

(2009) KYLE KINANE - "Selling Breastmilk" ('Stand-Up Without a Net')

(2014) KYLE KINANE - "Skunk" (from 'Under the Table #2')

(2015) KYLE KINANE - full show of 'I Liked His Old Stuff Better


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