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GenreRock / Blues / Indie / Garage / Solo / Experimental / Stoner
Related artistsPet GeniusCave InStephen BrodskyKid KilowattMutoid Man, ConvergeStephen Brodsky's Octave MuseumNew Idea Society, The Holy Moleys and Sacrifice Poles.
CountryBoston, USA
Years Active2008-2009
Song: "Blood Red Blues"
Album: "The Black Ribbon Award"
Year: 2008
Label(s): Hydra Head
This post's artist is from the May 2014 Mix. This is track #17.
You can download the May 2014 Mix#5 right here or get the new June Mix#6 here.
For fans ofThe BeatlesElliot SmithPet GeniusSteely DanStephen BrodskyKid KilowattDown With The ButterflyStephen Brodsky's Octave MuseumNew Idea SocietyElliot, The Paper Chase and King Krimson.

I would posit that STOVE BREDSKY sounds like the demo sessions for Pet Genius and Stephen Brodsky's Octave Museum, as the songs in general hold a comparable style that seems rooted in bluesy/experimental rock with some occasional bottom-heavy guitars. They were also written up to 10 years before the album was recorded and is much more playful and lighthearted than his typical solo releases under his actual name, Stephen Brodsky. Why STOVE BREDSKY and not Steve Brodsky? The man that is my hero explained recently in an interview that I had with him, which you can read in full here.
"It started with a joke that Aaron Turner came up with, where he'd swap the first two vowels in a person's full name. The results could be pretty funny, such as Aaron effectively becoming "Uron Tanner", later shortened to just "Ron", which I still use. And my name treated in same fashion became "Stove Bredsky", which kind of stuck with my friends... maybe because astrologically speaking, I'm a fire sign and also have a tendency to get pretty hot-headed with my temperament, haha. Let's see... the song "Blood Red Blues" kind of encapsulates my headspace at the time of making 'The Black Ribbon Award' album. Definitely smoking too much weed while getting wrapped up in making a record, in order to escape some relationship problems I was having at the time. But I'm happy that the song at least comes off with a lighthearted touch!"

There are 3 songs in particular that strike a chord with me on the 18 track album, all of which coincidentally play consecutively on the record. First is "Dead Battery", which plods out of the gate for the first minute using feedback, slow thumping and distant, wailing "ah"s before settling into the track's groove of a thick and dirty bass riff and some subdued, catchy riffs that are played with some of the best vocal melodies on the album. He uses this for the entirety of the song without any big changes, but considering how good the track flows I have no complaints.
Second would be "Blood Red Blues" which was included in the mp3 mix. This is one of my favourite Brodsky tracks that shows him at his most humourous. The song itself has an interesting spaghetti western feel to it, using some playful guitar and simple rock'n'roll riffs with vocals that jump from low crooning to some upper register stuff. Let me provide some lyrical examples, "Then I smoked a ton of weed, thinning out my seed...I was in need of a queen for my dome. One that would serve me closer to home...We were standing by a stream, the water wasn't clean, she thought I might be gay." These silly lyrics fit the song perfectly and leave me chuckling every time.
The third song I wanted to write about is "Spacegirl Saturn" which could easily have been included on Cave In's 'Antenna' and meanders between material from that era along with another one of Brodsky's side projects, Pet Genius.

I have linked an insane amount of demos on the Cave In page. 48 songs spanning 7 demo "albums", to be exact. These are all insanely rare and will expire in a month so I suggest you download and share them now! I got the okay from Steve Brodsky to release these on the blog, so everyone please enjoy! Grab them at the top of this post. Included in the downloads are:
1 N.I.B. (Crambone remix)
2 Juggernaut
3 Until Your Heart Stops
4 Terminal Deity
5 N.I.B.
6 Halo of Flies (instrumental)
7 Bottom Feeder (instrumental)
8 Intro
9 Capsize
10 Flypaper
11 Forecast

(Until Your Heart Stops)
1 N.I.B. (Crambone remix)
2 Juggernaut
3 Until Your Heart Stops
4 Terminal Deity
5 N.I.B.
6 Halo of Flies
7 Bottom Feeder/The End of Our Rope is a Noose
8 Casio Killtoy
9 Segue 2/Outro
10 Luminance
11 Magnified
12 Mr. Co-Dexterity

1 Lost in the Air
2 Seafrost
3 Stained Silver
4 Anchorage
5 Bigger Riff
6 Lift Off
7 Lost in the Air

(Tides of Tomorrow)
1 Dark Driving
2 The Calypso
3 Tides of Tomorrow

(Demo #1)
1 The World is in Your Way
2 Prognosis
3 Trepanning
4 Paranormal
5 Believe in Doubt
6 Tension in the Ranks

(Demo #2)
1 Prognosis
2 On the Prowl
3 Ataraxia
4 Perfect Pitch Black

(White Noise)
1 Centered
2 Sing, My Love
3 Iron Decibels
4 Reanimation


Click )==>here<==( to download the Stove's complete discography in mp3 form.

2008 - The Black Ribbon Award cdLP

2009 - Champions Of Sound 4-way split 2x7"


(2008) STOVE BREDSKY - "Dead Battery" (from 'The Black Ribbon Award')

(2008) STOVE BREDSKY - "Blood Red Blues" (from 'The Black Ribbon Award')

(2008) STOVE BREDSKY - "Spacegirl Saturn" (from 'The Black Ribbon Award')

(2009) STOVE BREDSKY - "Lima Bean (alternate/demo version)" (from 'Champions Of Sound' split)


STOVE BREDSKY out-of-print discography mp3 download / additional links

Stove Bredsky discography

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