Wednesday 14 May 2014

***STEVE ROCHE interview - Saetia/Off Minor/etc.***

I've been listening to screamy hardcore for well over a decade and am at this point and I'm not showing any signs of slowing down. 2 of the bands that really caught my attention and got me into this style of music continue to do so today are Saetia and Off Minor. Feel free to read my silly opinions about them by clicking on the band names above, as you'll definitely get a better idea of how important the bands have been for my musical progression. I contacted STEVE ROCHE about doing an interview a few months ago, and much to my surprise he was game. To be honest, I nearly had an endorphin overload. I can scratch another person off my hero's I need to interview list, along with Stephen Brodsky, Thomas SchlatterCasey Boland, Chris Story, Steven Williams and Ryan Lewis.

Linked below is the interview in full. All 20 questions. Included are his views on politics, veganism, touring, a huge back story on Saetia, a very intimate look at Off Minor and their positive and negative experiences, Permanent Hearing Damage (his recording studio) and pretty much every band he has ever played in.

My 2 favourite Roche songs:

SAETIA - Roquentin

OFF MINOR - Monday Morning Quarterbacks


  1. Steve's vocals on Monday Morning Quarterbacks deserve more recognition, so passionate

  2. Great! Check out our new interview with Steve at