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GenresPunk / Rock / Prog-Rock / Math Rock / Instrumental / Post-Hardcore
Related artistsLakita Threat and Seyarse.
CountryChicago, Illinois USA
Years Active2005...kinda
Songs: "Hero of 100"
Albums: "Early Songs" and "Lava Land"
Years: 2005/2013
Label(s): Self Released / Team AV
This post's artist is from the May 2014 Mix. These are tracks #9 and #18.
You can download the May 2014 Mix#5 right here or get the new June Mix#6 here.
For fans ofAhleuchatistas, Maps And AtlasesHella, Dakota Dakota, The Advantage, Town Portal, KC Milian, The Rabbit Theory, Snack Truck and Neil On Impression.

At times I think PIGLET is the math-rock equivalent of Psyopus. As much as is may sound like it could work as background music at first, you really should sit down and give it your undivided attention to really experience the amazingness that are these Chicago fellas. The band has members from the chaotic screamo/emo-violence band Seyarse, but sounds nothing like them.

'Lava Songs' was the band's only 'proper' release and has the band at their most polished. Songs like "Bug Stomp" are quintessential PIGLET and will have you tapping along to the sweet instrumental goodness in no time. These songs have a distinct Dakota Dakota feel to them, and I imagine seeing them played live would be mind-blowing. "Caramel" is a strong follow-up but I find the LP to slow down considerably after this.

'Early Songs' was the first batch of recordings and in my opinion the best, which I was lucky enough to hear thanks to Jeremy of Itto. "Slaves Graves and Automobiles" bust out of the gate in classic PIGLET style, super-catchy and technical spacey jazz rock. You've got your slow jamz and the head boppin' crazy parts. "Slow Dance" sounds just like the name suggests and is a fantastic way to close out the EP.

The newest offering, 'Songs', is comprised of 6 tracks that are generally (if not all) live recordings on the bandcamp but 9 tracks on the cd. Here the band seems to focus most of their efforts on very jazzy/classical arrangements with odd-time signatures, with he exception of "Bicycle Tour America". "Moon Bounce" in particular sounds like it could have been placed on any Advantage album and fit seamlessly, besides the fact that is isn't a nintendo cover song. "Elephant Stomp" sounds like a mixture of Psyopus' rare soft material and Ahleuchatistas. "Tsi Tsi Ki" is an insane jam that is probably the highlight of the album, although Track 6 is fantastic as well. The cd packaging is beautiful and hand-numbered.



2005 - Lava Songs 12"LP (listen here) (PURCHASE here)

2013 - 4 Songs cdEP (listen/buy/download here)

2014 - Songs cdEP (listen here) (PURCHASE here)


(2005- I would assumePIGLET - "Bug Stomp" Live

(2005) PIGLET - "Caramel" (from 'Lava Songs')

(2013) PIGLET - "Slaves, Graves and Automobiles" (from 'Early Songs')

(2013) PIGLET - "Slow Dance" (from 'Early Songs')

(2014) PIGLET - "Track 6" (from 'Songs')


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