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GenresPunk / Rock / Math Rock / Hardcore / Emo / Alternative / Post-Hardcore /
            Metalcore / Screamo
Related artistsGallows and City And Colour.
CountrySt. Catherines, Ontario CANADA
Years Active2001-2012
Song: "Little Girls Pointing and Laughing"
Album: "Alexisonfire"
Year: 2002
Label(s): Distort Entertainment / Dine Alone Records /Equal Vision Records /
              Hassle Records / Sorepoint Records / Vagrant Records /  Roadrunner Records /
This post's artist is from the February 2014 Mix. This is track #15.
You can download the February 2014 Mix#2 right here.
For fans ofKodan Armada, Khayembii Communique, Fear Before The March Of Flames,
                  Animal Faces, Cave InEdhochuli, La Parade, The UsedState Faults, Van Johnson,
                  Dispensing Of False Halos, Greyscale, VauxHopesfall, Old Soul, ThriceEvylock,
                  In Reverent Fear, Since By Man, Totem Skin and Gifts From Enola.

Listen to this shit while reading:


It doesn't really matter what ALEXISONFIRE did later on in their career, although they were still able to craft a few songs that caught my attention, as their genre-shattering masterpiece debut/'self-titled' album dropped in 2002 and changed the way mainstream music handled screaming. Like Ken Mode, ALEXISONFIRE was recognized by the Canadian music industry with a Juno (Canadian Grammy, for you Americans)

I have even gone through and compiled an ALEXISONFIRE Worthy Listening Mix that can be downloaded below. This zipped file includes every song that is worth listening to. I've cut most albums down to between 0 and 6 songs so the entire listen takes up 78 minutes over 19 tracks (if you erase the one demo version of "Sharks And Danger"). I didn't plan that, but that's a perfect car mix cd. Download it here and you might appreciate how this little Canadian band helped changed mainstream for the better, and the worse - but mostly better.

Here's the video that made it all happen:



2001 - Math Sheets Demo cd"EP
The band's demo that I first heard in my university "Music in Pop Culture" because the brother of the drummer was in my class.
(best songs: just listen to the S/T cdLP instead)
*editor's note: "how are you going to tell people to pass up on 'the philosophical significance of shooting my sister in the face'?" -braeden


2002 - Alexisonfire cdLP
The band's crowning achievement, and it came at a time when the band had barely evolved. This was their foundation and signature sound that enabled them to retain that respectable "powerful", "aggressive" and "indie" release. Although the band posits that the songs are a mash of good riffs, these top any thought-out and timely constructed pieces of music they band produced afterwards. I have to say that "Little Girls Pointing And Laughing" is the band's best song, no doubt in my mind. The entire album combines metallic tinged screamo like Dispensing Of False Halos with the melodies of Kodan Armada and The Khayembii Communique. It's brooding, epic, catchy and volatile. A beautiful mix of demonic and angelic vocals. I don't get to say this often enough, but the bassist is amazing on this record. I love me some chorded bass.
(best songs: ".44 Caliber Love Letter", "Waterwings", "Where No One Knows", "The Kennedy Curse", "Pulmonary Archery", "Little Girls Pointing And Laughing")

(2002) ALEXISONFIRE - ".44 Caliber Love Letter" (from 'Alexisonfire')

(2002) ALEXISONFIRE - "The Kennedy Curse" (from 'Alexisonfire')


2004 - Watch Out cd/12"EP
A huge step back, in my humble opinion. This was a push for mainstream success and it comes off as convoluted, unbalanced and boring - generally.
(best songs: "Accidents", "No Transistory" and "Sharks And Danger")

(2004) ALEXISONFIRE - "Sharks And Danger" (from 'Watch Out')


2005 - Moneen Split (Switcheroo Series) cd/12"LP
2 bands from Canada (both of whom were very important in the Canadian punk/emo/screamo scene) covering each other and including a new track as well. A pretty cool idea, I guess. Although it didn't pan out amazing, just okay.
(best song: "Charlie Sheen vs Henry Rollins")

(2005) ALEXISONFIRE - "Charlie Sheen vs Henry Rollins" (from 'Moneen' split)


2006 - Crisis + Crisis Bonus tracks cd/12"LP
This is the best thing the band produced besides their self-titled LP. This album is the perfect mix of their melodic chaos and full-on melodic beauty. "This Could Be Anywhere In The World", although overplayed, is an excellent song. The unreleased bonus tracks ("Thrones" and "My God Is A Reasonable Man") are both excellent songs, as well.
(best songs: "This Could Be Anywhere In The World", "Boiled Frogs", "We Are The Sound", "Crisis" and "Rough Hands")
(2006) ALEXISONFIRE - "Crisis" (from 'Crisis')


2009 - Old Crows/Young Cardinals cd/12"LP
I did not like this album in the least. George changed up his screaming style and I completely lost interest in the band and started listening solely to City And Colour.
(only good song: "Midnight Regulations")

(2009) ALEXISONFIRE - "Midnight Regulations" (from 'Old Crows/Young Cardinals')


2010 - Dog's Blood 12"EP
The band's attempt to reach back to their roots, sound heavy or re-establish cred, I don't claim to know, but they didn't really pull it off. With the exception of the title track this is passable, and "Dog's Blood" still doesn't hold a candle to band's early material.
(best song: "Dog's Blood")

(2010) ALEXISONFIRE - "Dog's Blood" (from 'Take a wild fucking guess')


ALEXISONFIRE omsb mp3 choice cuts from the angry bees fly out of Alexis' nipples.


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