Wednesday 25 September 2013


This post's artist is from the August 2013 Mix. This is track #18.
You can download the August 2013 Mix right here.

GenresPunk / Grind / Hardcore / Black Metal / Screamo
Related artistsN/A.
Country: Vancouver, CANADA
Years Active: 2009-present
Song: "Death Rattle"
Album: "Masakari Split"
Year: 2012
For fans of: His Hero Is GoneUnion of Uranus, One-Eyed God Prophecy, Creeper,
                    Resurrectionists, Kaospilot, Titan, Fall Of Efrafa, Old Soul, Neil Perry,
                    and Deafheaven, aka PROPER Screamo.

I was only recently turned on to these Canadian worshippers of German-styled metallic blackened screamo. Any fan of driving and blistering bouts of epic, breakneck music will fall in love with this band.

My best shot at a description would be to take the hardest elements of Neil Perry, Joshua Fit For Battle and Tel Fyr, then smash'em together with Resurrectionists, Old Soul and Deafheaven.

The music weaves in and out of slower passages ala City Of Caterpillar, Neil Perry and June Paik. The music rarely lingers long on the softer stuff, as the band is at full-throttle about 85% of the time. The fast bits have insanely fast drums layered over epic, crust-tinged guitars and dueling vocals - one high and one low.

Grab their LP here and listen to the listen to their albums here.


2009 -  Haemorrage 7" (I need this! can anyone help?)

2010 - Passages 12"LP

2012 - Solace 7"
2012 - Masakari Split 7"


(2010) TEMPEST - "Year Of Ash" (from 'Passages' LP)

(2012) TEMPEST - "I" (from 'Solace' 7")

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