Wednesday 25 September 2013


This post's artist is from the August 2013 Mix. This is track #13.
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GenresPunk Rock / Screamo / Math Rock / Emo / Post-Hardcore
Related artistsA Million Fucking Towers, Algernon Cadwallader, The Combine, Elder,
                         Fall On Deaf Ears, Kick Rocks, Landlock'd, Public Towers, Peter and
                        CraigTowers and Zolof And The Rock & Roll Destroyer.

Country: Philadelphia, I think, USA
Years Active: 2005-2006
Song: "Allergy Season"
Album: "Adonis Battlefield 12inch"
Year: 2005
For fans of: Birthday Boyz, Snoras, Caught In The Fall, Frameworks, Rainmaker,
                   (early) Loma Prieta, Neil Perry, Eyes Of Verotika, Welcome The Plague Year,
                   MNWA aka PROPER Screamo.

D'AMORE played a passionate and yearning style of screamo that was oh-so popular back in the early-to-mid 2000s. To repeat myself for what seems like the 10th time, that sound is generally dual spoken/yelled vocals with screaming tantrums laced with clean, jazzy guitars and bouncy rhythms that lead to distorted, mathy breakdowns and some extremely fast-paced hardcore. This band did shit super-DIY, especially the 'Dawntreader' split 12". You can purchase these extremely rare 12"s here. I just started listening to Algernon Cadwallader and D'AMORE is a heavier and less mathy version of that band - especially considering they are pretty much the same guys.

To be honest, the band has some mediocre vocal "harmonies", but the sheer amount of awesome screamy/noodley hardcore more than makes up for those misgivings. The band's recordings are always raw, but not in a fuzzed-out, distorted or crap-quality kind of way. This is what I would expect them to sound like live. No recording and mastering tricks were used here.

D'AMORE was a short-lived thing of beauty, and I hope you download the discography and spread the love.

Craig from D'AMORE is also the founder of Be Happy Records, which released some Alergernon Cadwallader, Towers and Dawntreader records.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band' complete discography in mp3 form.
2005 - Adonis Battlefield Split 12" (purchase here)
2005 - Towers Split 7"

2006 - Dawntreader Split 12" (purchase here)
2006 - Emo Apocalypse Compilation 12" (contributed "Disenchantment")


(2005) D'AMORE - "Allergy Season" (from 'Adonis Battlefield' split)

(2005) D'AMORE - "I Wish I Were A Superhero" (from 'Adonis Battlefield' split)
(2006) D'AMORE - "Burritos" (from 'Dawntreader' split)
D'AMORE out-of-print discography mp3 download


  1. Hey the links are dead for the discography download but you can get it for free here (P.S. the song you have up on youtube as "Burritos" is called "For a Hundred Years" according to that bandcamp)

  2. Wow. This 41-track download is huge. Thanks for posting this, and video name changed!

  3. Is there a link for the tracklist for the discography? I can't seem to find it and I was wanting to go through and edit the meta data for the bandcamp discography