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This post's artist is from the July 2013 Mix. This is track #13.

GenresPunk / Ska / Hardcore
Related artistsHellmouth.
Country: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Years Active: 1991-2006
Song: "Confused"
Album: "Battle Hymns"
Year: 1998
For fans of: NOFX, Value Pac, Rancid, Recover, Kid Dynamite and Operation Ivy.

You must know this band - or I am just plain old. THE SUICIDE MACHINES could do no wrong back in the mid-to-late 1990s. They released 2 of the most influential punk/ska albums every, with 'Destruction by Definition' and 'Battle Hymns'. Then major labels got involved and the band made at least 1 very questionable record. At this point it became obvious that the band questioned their identity, which ended up being a good thing as they dumped the pop-rock sound donned for the major labels and went back to playing schizophrenic ska, punk and hardcore.

I tried listening to band's final records, as I pretty much abandoned this style of music over a decade ago. They were meh, so I realized that back in the late 90s - there was nothing that combined the happiness of ska, the 'fuck you' of punk and the aggressiveness of hardcore. This isn't special anymore, but it was goddamn revolutionary at the time.

If you like the embedded songs/videos, check out the following songs from their first 2 releases, as they are the best ones - in my opinion:
Destruction by Definition = "New Girl", "Our Time", "The Real You", "Inside/Outside" and "So
Battle Hymns = "Someone", "Hope", "Black and White World", "Numbers", "High Society", "Pins
                          and Needles", "Confused" and "Step One"


(full length) DISCOGRAPHY

1994 - Green World cassette

1995 - Rudiments Plus Jack Kevorkian and the Suicide Machines! cd/2x12"LP

1996 - Destruction by Definition cdLP

1998 - Battle Hyms cdLP

2000 - The Suicide Machines cdLP

2001 - Steal This Record cdLP

2003 - A Match And Some Gasoline cd

2006 - War Profiteering Is Killing Us All cd


youtube )))))embedded audio((((( links

(1996) THE SUICIDE MACHINES - "New Girl" (from 'Destruction By Definition' cd)

(1998) THE SUICIDE MACHINES - "Confused" (from 'Battle Hyms' cd)

(2000) THE SUICIDE MACHINES - "Permanent Holiday" (from 'Self-Titled' cd)
(2003) THE SUICIDE MACHINES - "Kaleidoscope" (from 'A Match And Some Gasoline' cd)

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