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This post's artist is from the July 2013 Mix. This is track #2.

GenresScreamo / Post-Hardcore / Hardcore / Rock
Related artistsKidcrash.
Country: Portland, Oregon, USA
Years Active: 2008-present
Song: "Troll's Toll"
Album: "A Short History Of Decay"
Year: 2012
For fans of: Birthday Boyz, Neil Perry, Off Minor, RaeinDaniel Striped Tiger, Frameworks,
                   State Faults, Funeral Diner, Sed Non Satiata, The Third Memory,
                   Kodan ArmadaKill Sadie, Hot Cross, Orchid, Van Johnson, La Quiete,
                   Snoras, Envy, Capacities and Kidcrash, aka Proper SCREAMO.

CARRION SPRING, I know a lot about. But I'm not going to tell about their history, as one of the band member's shed a lot of light on that subject. Read it in detail here.

So let me talk about the band's sound. Combine Snoras, Kidcrash and Birthday Boyz and you're on the right track. If that didn't help, how's about a controlled and more accessible version of Loma Prieta? That fits too, as the band plays post-hardcore/screamo that does not boast a wall of sound (like Loma Prieta's newer stuff) and, instead, focuses less on breakdowns and more on twinkly, full-speed noodling and really great high-chord progressions. All of this is mashed together quite cohesively with an excellent bass/drum section and coarse screaming that has more range than your average vocalist.

Their first split was mediocre, as the song is good - but the band obviously hadn't found themselves an identity that was representative of their sound.

Fast forward to 2011 and the band initially drops a fucking killer debut LP, 'A Short History Of Decay' which blew me away. The intricate guitar work combined with screaming was very much like Kidcrash, another band I've loved for quite some time. CARRION SPRING is very much like a harder, rawer version of that. They do share guitar players now.

For a very enjoyable and revealing listen as to what the band sounds like, I recommend streaming the following tracks from 'A Short History Of Decay' here: Neck Romancer, Year of the Carrion, Hemorrhage, Swan Dive, Red Tide and Troll's Toll.

Earlier this year, CARRION SPRING actually improved on an Orchid song - which seems blasphemous to say, but listen to this and tell me otherwise. You can, as it is subjective - but you must admit that's more than a decent cover of a seminal screamo act, which is a nearly impossible feat.

The band has since released 2 tracks from their new EP 'Indescretions Vol. 1', one on Protagonist Records' website here, and the other was an Open Mind / Saturated Brain exclusive, which you can listen to below:

And check out Adam(the vocalist/bass player)'s interview with Open Mind / Saturated Brain which includes the debut of "Give Blood" that will appear on their new cassette, here. The band also just completed a west-coast tour with one of the best line-ups I've ever seen - CARRION SPRING, Sed Non Satiata and Lee Corey Oswald.


2009 - 4-Way Split 8"EP (contributed "Red Beard Rides Again")

2012 - A Short History Of Decay 12"LP (stream/buy/download here)

2013 - Epilogue of a Car Crash. A Tribute to Orchid. cd/12"LP (stream/download/buy here)
2013 - Indescretions Vol. 1 cassetteEP (buy here)

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(2011) CARRION SPRING - "Red Tide" (from 'A Short History Of Decay' LP)
CARRION SPRING additional links

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