Monday 19 February 2018


Before I moved to New Zealand I was able to rope two nice folks in Dunedin into starts bands with me. The previously posted podcast with Jörg of Swallows Nest is linked here, but for this post the very obscure (we didn't record anything and we only played one show) EMÖ LENDVAI and my good friend Karl Leisky are the focal points. Not only did we play in that band together, but they also spent time in Yung Nat$ and currently do a noise/ambient project under the name of Fuckoult. We recorded this during the first week of November 2017 in my home in Dunedin, New Zealand. You can stream and/or download each part or the entire thing for free on the OMSB Podcast bandcamp page linked right heeya.

SLOW MASS - "Dark Dark Energy" (Dave)
PURGE - "More Wolf Than Thee" (Karl)

THE NOW - "We Don't Call Him 'Columbine' Because He Wears a Trech Coat, We Call Him 'Columbine' Because He Kills People" (Dave)
PARENTS - "Insight" (Karl)
SLEEPYTIME TRIO - "Rock Candy" (Dave)

KITE FLYING SOCIETY - "Art of Conversation" (Karl)
FOXMOULDER - "Tempered Ill" (Dave)
REI COMPACT - "Furchteimer" (Karl)

DIE PRINCESS DIE - "Nights of the Light" (Dave)
OPC - "kbeast" (Karl)
- "Atrocities From a Story Book Perspective" (Dave)


PODCAST #23 linked here
As EMO LENDVAI only ever had one show and we never recorded, I decided to dig through our practice sessions from my cellphone and video camera to find the best versions of the five songs we wrote in our short, four month existence. I've included them as a download here and there's also this link if you want to watch a video from our only show.

(2017) EMÖ LENDVAI - "A Galaxy Brunch During Ramadan" (from 'various practices demo')

(2017) EMÖ LENDVAI - "Stemsmoker's Regret" (from 'various practices demo')

(2017) EMÖ LENDVAI - "Shmoodles" live video

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