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GenresPunk / Proto-Post-Progcore / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal / Noise / Doom / Sludge / Experimental
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CountryGuelph, Ontario CANADA
Years Active2012-present
Song: "Permafrost"
Album: "Subterranean"
Year: 2017
For fans ofNeurosisMinistry, Primus, Tool, Heaviness Of The Load, Alaskan, Rosetta and Isis.
Label(s): Self Released
This post's artist is from the December 2017 Mix. This is track #10.
You can download: the January 2018 Mix#1 right here or get the new January 2018 Mix#2 here.

The first time I heard about TELEPORTOISE was at a local Hamilton show with Atsuko Chiba and Quiet Lakes, linked here. Not only were they great, but with a name like TELEPORTOISE I couldn't help but take note. Their cavernous and raw take on brooding, proggy, post-hardcore/post-metal was very unique, so I asked if the band wanted to play ZBR Mini-Fest (linked here) alongside bands like Old Soul, Edhochuli, Black Love, Respire, Terry Green, etc. to which they agreed. I also asked bassist Adam if he would like to design the Zampler #4 cd jacket which he did (linked here). I loved the very subtle details he used like incorporating the logos of both football teams from the Starship Troopers movie.

Anyhoos, on to the band. So at the time all of this was happening, TELEPORTOISE released their debut EP 'Terra' on cd, which I picked up, including some for the ZBR distro (linked here). The four songs reach pretty far out there and while being quite different, with opener "Sun Ceremony" being a slow, plodding riff that doesn't even make it to two minutes and closer "The Rhino Charges" eclipsing the 10-minute mark, complete with searing vocals, prodigious breakdowns and epic movements. "Flight On the Carrion" and "Gravel Ship" are both 7 to 8 minutes each and have deathly howls and evil riffs amidst crunchy and sludgy experimental metal. Overall a solid debut EP with production that actually surpasses the new LP, in my opinion.

The new LP? Ah yes, tis good, and musically surpasses their debut. 'Subterranean' begins with the exhausting "Prologue", a mind-bending foray into fucked up riffery and imposing questions of the self such as "Do I actually exist right now?" for a total length of 10:24. A very fitting title for track two is "Submergence", another almost 10-minute immersion in sludge metal that is groovy as fuck, with some killer bass and vocals. "The Machine" is only half the length but packs a punch similar to the previous track, as does "Permafrost Link", arguably the best song on the record with a killer riff that topples the listener come 50 seconds or so. "Release" opens with some sweet, wailin' guitars and goes pretty sludgy for its 7:41 length, while the closer "Epilogue" is a mere 3:43 of writhing post-hardcore/post-metal/prog that could easily be likened to an army of mounted, stampeding horses.



2014 - Terra cdEP (stream/donate/download here) [buy ZBR distro here]

2017 - Subterranean digitalLP (stream/donate/download here)


(2017) TELEPORTOISE - "Permafrost Link" (from 'Subterranean')

(2017) TELEPORTOISE - "Submergence" (from 'Subterranean')

(2014) TELEPORTOISE - "The Rhino Charges" (from 'Terra')

(2014) TELEPORTOISE - "Flight On the Carrion" (from 'Terra')

(2014) TELEPORTOISE - "The Rhino Charges" live at ZBR Mini-Fest

(2014) TELEPORTOISE - "Gravel Ship" live w/Atusko Chiba & Quiet Lakes


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