Tuesday 9 January 2018

***Some Friends & Their Top 10s***

I had planned to post this before I left Australia but alas it was not possible to get this up along with the new Zampler #10 compilation, so I left this until now. I asked a few friends to throw down some best of lists for 2017 and the following responded with the info below. Some have links, some are ordered and others even specify LP vs. EP or split, but there was no template sent, just gimme your top 10s. And they did. Thank you friends and readers!!! Have a positive 2018 and don't fuck shit up further, please 💞


of What Of Us, Capacities, NY In 64, Hundreds Of AU, etc.

Ostraca - Last
Portrayal of Guilt - S/T
Gouge Away - Swallow B/W Sweat
Boston Marriage - Personal Space
Samarra - We Feel We Are Accomplices
Afghan Whigs - In Spades
You Could Be a Cop - S/T
Untold Want / Ostraca / Vril / Coma Regalia - 4 way split
Mahria - Analemma
Slow Fire Pistol - Beauty



"That's what I was listening to a lot that was new in 2017. In no particular order."

monster powerviolence-grind-hardcore hybrid . noisy. intense. disturbing yet beautiful.

posted the song that got me into'em since the new stuff is still in the process of being mixed and mastered. saw em play some of these new ones live twice this year and it was just crushing. riff legends!

noisy harsh emo-violence with just the right balance between heaviness and melodies. plus i can piss of my wife with the screeching "annoying" voice she loves so much!

loved them at dräschfeschd earlier this year. i mean, you can't go wrong with a band that names their ep after the intro feeback track on the record, right? ludicrous speed ahead arseholes!!

no post-shit chaotic emoviolence that can also bring the mosh! its about time for a proper release for them. this is still more than just an appetizer...

i am not finished yet - its stupid. its awesome. punk rock record of the year.

sass-grind-weirdness. from wtf to holy fuck and back. feels like riding on a rollercoaster with arab on radar, the locust and as the sun sets. the only rollercoaster i am willing to ride these days !

took me a while to get used to the sound of the recording. seeing'em live helped. dark and moshy screamo done by lovely, committed people.

ok its released digitally in 2016 but vinyl came in 2017! you gotta love their consistency of brutality over all these years. bulldozing like bolt thrower on speed.

a bit off but thats whats destroying the speakers in our car as a compromise when the kids are with us. so pretty constant...



"Hey bud, here's my list. It's in no particular order except for Mahria being all around #1 in my book."

Full lengths:
Mahria- Analemma
Trachimbrod- Leda
Terry Green- LP
Jeanne- I
Prisoner- Beyond the Infinite
Bennett- Bennett
Massa Nera- Los Pensamientos De una Cara Palida
Heaven In Her Arms- White Halo
Fine Before You Came- Il Numero Sette
Ostraca- Last

Truman- ma doi
Grin And Bear It- The Fast Will Prevail
Slabak- Too Late To Grow Up
60659-C- The Next Part Is A Blur
Swimmer’s Lungs- No Expectations
Samarra- We Feel We Are Accomplices
Moss Rose- Council of Rats
Anodes- Cathodes
Bruised Ego- Roman Numeral One

Lang Fredelica
Nionde PlaganThe World That Summer
What of Us / Hive Mind
Autarch / Landbridge
Pettersson / DADVBS
Eight Feet Under Vol. 1
5000Cape Light
Heddom / Diane Arbus


of Dakhma, NiboowinOld Soul, etc.

"I’ve been fairly preoccupied with my own musical endeavors and just trying to make it by but these are the releases that stick out to me personally. They are in no particular order."

Cloud Rat - Trifecta of splits
All 3 are amazing in their own rights. The split with Crevasse is short and to the point, punishing and catchy as fuck. While the cover sticks out, its not a sore thumb but in my option a added flavor to the split and done will with a CR flair. All of you “make CR grind again idealists” this is the split for you! The split with Moloch makes the idea of putting your head through a wall with joy seem like completely reasonable thought. Their amalgamation of grind and post influences, its easy to find yourself at home with every movement, including Amber flush. The split with Disrotted is a triumphant 18 minute epic. Leading you through a discordant soundscape making you feel filthy with a shitty half smile and never better in your life. CR is a band to fucks with, they bare their beliefs with nothing to hide.

Dawn Ray’d - The Unlawful Assembly
This album is beautiful and brutal in the same breath. It’s also ever so deserving of all the press it has been getting. One thing I love about Dawn Ray’d is when handed a microphone they don’t just play you a song or run you through the motions, they give you a message through and through. Dire times call for dire messages and they deliver on important topics that can be difficult to talk about.

Propagandhi - Victory Lap
Victory Lap is a strong revisit to the riffing punk material of the Propagandhi past with their post punk spin amongst a vast sonic territory and at no point does it feel out of place. The lyrics come in A++ as per usual. I didn’t like Propaghandi until I saw them on their Supporting cast tour in 2009 and they since turned into one of my favorite bands and they have yet to make something that disappoints in any facet.

Paramore - After Laughter
Seriously this album is fantastic! Its a high profile large budget pop album with a dark side. While I will always love Paramore’s “old” rock style of music and this is only the second after their transformation into the pop genre. The record is smooth and flowing. It entices you to dance and be a bit bummed. Love at first listen.

Converge - The Dusk in Us
There is a reason Converge is one of the most influential punk/diy bands. Every record shines in it own way and the Dusk in Us is no exception. Its powerful, ugly, aggressive and I would say makes me not give a shit about the light on the other side of the tunnel, it draws you into the here and now.


While its not out yet, I did get the privilege of hearing the upcoming album early…  There is a reason I’m sneaking it on this list. Its god damn amazing! From the writing to the production is all killer. I’ve had the “SOSPESI NEL VUOTO BRUCEREMO IN UN ATTIMO E IL CERCHIO SARÀ CHIUSO” CD in my car since August of 2016 and cannot wait to get a copy of their new album



1) Confrontational - The Burning Dawn
this is that new retro stuff that reminds you of the 80's and while a lot of that stuff gets old for me really fast, this particular band doesn't. the albums are all written by one person who enlists the aid of other musicians and in this case one of them, cody carpenter, happens to be john carpenter's son. pretty cool. anyway, this is the final album in a horror trilogy about zombies and vampires and stuff.

2) Frail Hands - s/t
best new band i heard this year. chaotic and angry but incredibly technically proficient. their s/t blew me away. i can't wait to hear what next year brings. stay tuned.

3) Jeremy Enigk - Ghosts
i was skeptical of this album because of the weird crowd funding campaign launched for it and especially since it's been known that all the tracks were realized versions of old demos but it turned out to be his most solid stuff since "world waits.

4) Lyed - The Immolated Earth
i feel like my friends in lyed would cringe at a lot of the bands i might compare them to but basically
if you love the metalcore and scene bands of the '00s you will adore this album. this takes what you
like about that but delivers it with a sincerity and technical precision that is definitely not
dated in any way.

5) Nine Inch Nails - Add Violence
maybe it's because a couple of the tracks sound so much like older stuff like stuff on the downward spiral and pretty hate machine but this is my favorite thing from nin in quite a bit. i can imagine a more full lp version where the interludes from the "deluxe version" were a little more fleshed out. i can't say the record would be as interesting without them included

6) Engines - Obsolete
it's like the good parts of the anniversary and the get up kids with a bit of noise brought
together in less conventional song writing structures. this is one of those albums that i didn't know i
needed to hear until i heard it. so good.

7) Massa Nera - Los Pensamientos De una Cara Palida
i know from the response the city of caterpillar reunion got that people need a band like massa nera in their lives. Here they are with a 7 song full length that's easily comparable to coc and bands like envy while still putting their own spin on things.

8) Dead Is Dead - Constraints of Time
dead is dead is the current band of mark and nick sheppard, both formerly of the milwaukee post hardcore band forstella ford. the album reminds me of fall of efrafa in that it has a definite linear storytelling feel to it. highly recommended for fans of fall of efrafa and neurosis.

9) Esazlesa - Společnost psů
i was really disappointed that we didn't get to play with esazlesa when we toured europe this year but here they are back with another amazing record.

10) Your Ad Could Be Here - '17
i feel like this is a little more straight forward and less melodic than the s/t that was released in
2014 but it's super solid and definitely impressive.

biggest disappointment
At The Drive In - in•ter a•li•a
i don't have a lot to say about this album i guess other than i suspected i'd be let down when jim ward
didn't sign on and i wasn't wrong. only one track on this even sounds like it could have been on any
of their previous albums.



Full Lengths:
Suffocate For Fuck Sake – In My Blood
Øjne - Prima Che Tutto Bruci
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Luciferian Towers
Mount Eerie – A Crow Looked At Me
Ostraca – Last
Massa Nera – Los Pensamientos De una Cara Palida
Ànteros – Cuerpos Celestes
Mahria – Analemma
Your Ad Could Be Here – s/t
NY In 64 - The Gentle Indifference Of The Night

You Could Be A Cop – s/t
Majorel – Restless Memory tape
Crowning – Funeral Designs tape
Commuovere - Du besoin de disparaître de soi tape
мятеж / Kelut split 12”
They Sleep We Live / Piri Reis split 7”
Sore Eyelids / факел split

Notable Mentions
Trachimbrod – Leda
Heaven In Her Arms – White Halo
Duct Hearts - Feathers
Chaviré – Interstices
erai – s/t 12”


ex-Antenna Builders & TDOAM

2017 Full Lengths:
01. Ostraca - Last
Ostraca (fka Kilgore Trout) are a three piece screamo outfit from Richmond, Virginia. ‘Last’ is the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2015 debut entitled, ‘Deathless’. Clocking in just shy of 30min, ‘Last’ sees Ostraca impressively navigating their way through atmospheric laden passages, coupled with explosive chaotic assaults. Ostraca are definitely setting the bar for modern screamo. Highly recommended.
FFO: Pg. 99 | City Of Caterpillar | June Paik
Standout Track: The Orchard

02. Watchcries - Wraith
Picking up where their impressive debut EP left off, Watchcries are back with their follow up statement. This UK based metallic hardcore outfit, made up of ex members of Torpor, War Wolf, Dopefight and Teef have created a record which sees them further pushing their explosive crossover hybrid of influences with superb effect. This release hits the listener with relentless ferocity and dynamic post metal inspired groove-laden sensibilities. I strongly recommend this to anyone looking for a refreshing take on the hardcore genre.
FFO: Converge | Cult Leader | Baptists
Standout Track: Severing Union

03. Helpless - Debt
‘Debt’ is the savage debut full length from these UK based noise-mongers. After the release of their promising debut self titled EP, Helpless aim for the throat on this new offering. ‘Debt’ sees the band rip through 10 tracks of destructive metallic hardcore in a mere 20 minutes. Amidst the constant barrage of chaotic dissonance and caustic grinding blasts are some bursts of experimentation and calm, which offer some form of release from this blow by blow outing.
FFO: GAZA | Dead In The Dirt | The Jesus Lizard
Standout Track: Sinkhole

04. Converge - The Dusk In Us
The ninth album from Converge is an impressive addition to their 27 year musical catalogue. True to form the band showcases their skilllfully honed musical prowess garnered over all these years, and have released a record which is both menacing and contains moments of beauty at the same time. Their steady and consistent artistic evolution has perfectly been captured on this record, and it showcases why they are prime innovators within the heavy music spectrum. Converge are not a band to rest on their laurels and constantly seek to push boundaries and create music that resonates deeply with their audience.
FFO: Starkweather | Rorschach | Born Against
Standout Track: Murk & Marrow

05. The Body & Full of Hell - Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light
The Body and Full of Hell return with their second collaborative effort, which is a natural progression and picks up where 2016’s ‘One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache’ left off. As single entities, both groups are revered for their forward thinking mindsets and challenging listeners with excursions into unorthodox realms of extreme music. Together, both groups are an unstoppable and unsettling force. The Body and Full of Hell have cohesively blended their respective sounds as a single entity here. It is a menacing and ominous listen, brimming with dark and unsettling emotions.
FFO: Neurosis | Nine Inch Nails | Merzbow | Godflesh
Standout Track: Earth Is A Cage

06. Celeste - Infidèle​(​s)
The mighty Celeste return with their highly anticipated fifth full length album, their first in four years. Infidèle​(​s) marks a return to a more straight forward album structure, as opposed to Animale(s) which was stylistically divided into two parts and conceptually driven. Whilst this record is shorter in length, each song is completely unique and stands on it’s own. Celeste have carefully defined their bleak and hellish sound over the years and this record further showcases their songwriting diversity and stronger forays within dense atmospherics and melodic shading. Celeste are the true masters of darkness.
FFO: Deathspell Omega | Cult Of Luna | Breach
Standout Track: Sans Coeur Et Sans Corps

07. God Mother - Vilseledd
Vilseledd is full length album number two from these Swedish noise merchants. God Mother’s music can be described as an expertly controlled hybrid of metallic hardcore, crust, grind and sludge. With an already impressive musical catalogue, it’s clear indication why this group sparked the interest of The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Ben Weinman and subsequently signed to his Party Smasher Inc label. For anyone searching for a cathartic listen, I highly recommend this offering. I also advise seeing God Mother in a live setting, this is truly where the band shines and captures their explosive energy.
FFO: Converge | The Dillinger Escape Plan | Rotten Sound
Standout Track: Enkla Svar

08. Primitive Man - Caustic
Caustic is the visceral and hate fueled second full length from US based nihilistic blackened doom trio, Primitive Man. This album serves as the bands most ambitious release to date, with a longer run time and more complex song arrangements. That being said, Primitive Man maintain their unapologetic approach and deliver heavier misanthropic soundscapes than ever before. This consistent barrage of abysmal tones and unsettling vocals will leave you feeling disorientated and overwhelmed by misery and despair.
FFO: Corrupted | Goatsblood | Neurosis
Standout Track: Inevitable

09. Dawn Ray’d - The Unlawful Assembly
UK based anarchist black metallers Dawn Ray’d are back with their newest full length. It is brimming with venomous social and politically charged lyrical content which serve as battle anthems for the class war. Musically one can expect violin-laden atmospheric blackened passages coupled with ferocious vocals and pummeling drums. Dawn Ray’d are a refreshing and important band within the Black Metal scene today.
FFO: Agalloch | Rotting Christ | Ulver
Standout Track: The Abyssal Plain

10. AXIS - Ravine
Floridian based metallic hardcore outfit, AXIS are back with their punishing second full length album. It’s the bands first release as a four piece and having guitar player Dylan Downey assume vocal duties after frontman Rafael Morales exited the band. Musically ‘Shift’ sees the band pushing their signature sound into a more dynamic and emotionally charged direction this time round. The band also incorporates some unlikely influences to broaden their overall palette. If you enjoy forward thinking hardcore which aims to push genre boundaries, look no forward than AXIS. This band has a bright future indeed.
FFO: Converge | Turmoil | Breach
Standout Track: Ravine

2017 EP’s:
01. Trespasser - Suffer Alone, Suffer Together
“Trespasser are a crushing metallic hardcore outfit from the island of Tasmania, Australia. The band features members of NO HAVEN, Départe and Speech Patterns. Their debut EP is a magnificent sludge-ridden barrage of punishing hardcore, expertly coupled with dense atmospherics and bleak caustic vocals. This is truly a powerful first statement from the band.”
FFO: Trap Them | Amenra | Cult Leader
Standout Track: Withered Hands

02. SeeYouSpaceCowboy - Fashion Statements Of The Socially Aware
“Fashion Statements Of The Socially Aware is the amazing debut EP from this self described anarchist sass-grind outfit from California, United States. The band executes 6 short tracks of quirky and metallic unbridled chaos, which harkens back to the classic Myspace era of noise. It may be short, but it certainly packs one hell of a punch and will keep listeners coming back for more.”
FFO: Daughters | Heavy Heavy Low Low | Fear Before The March Of Flames
Standout Track: Absolutely Absolute Absolution

03. Hexis - XII
“Hexis are one of the hardest working bands around at the moment. This blackened hardcore outfit from Copenhagen, Denmark has had a busy 2017 indeed. They released an impressive second full length album, followed up by this amazing EP and spent 240 days on the road and managed to play 195 shows overall. XII is a relentlessly aggressive offering and feels like the soundtrack to a nightmarish decent into the bowels of Hell.”
FFO: Celeste | Shora | Full Of Hell
Standout Track: Famelicus

04. Bethari - S/T
“Singapore based emoviolence outfit, Bethari first caught my attention with their 2 song promo released in July. I was eagerly awaiting this EP and they didn’t disappoint. The band smashes through 8 songs of highly charged and passionate chaotic screamo within a few short minutes. This is powerful material indeed and definitely a band to keep an eye on in the future.”
FFO: Reversal Of Man | Orchid | Neil Perry
Standout Track: 魔

05. Perfect Blue - Crystalline In Gorgeous Imperfection
“Perfect Blue are a fairly new screamo band from Leeds in the United Kingdom. The band features members from Healing Powers and Cavalcades and during their short existence have released a string of impressive EPs. This is their latest offering and it’s a real banger of moshy screamo with hints of melodics interspersed for good measure. Perfect Blue are shaping up to be one of the UK’s finest screamo exports amongst their fellow countrymen, Maths and Cassus.”
FFO: June Paik | Loma Prieta | Maths
Standout Track: With Wings Of Feather And Bone

06. End - From The Unforgiving Arms Of God
“END are a new metallic hardcore supergroup from the States featuring members from Counterparts, Misery Signals and Fit For An Autopsy to name a few. One word to sum up this EP is ‘punishing’. The music is delivered with calculated expertise as one would expect from these fine musicians and also allows for a departure in sound from their respective repertoires. If you’re looking for some pummeling breakdown driven hardcore with variation, look no further than END.”
FFO: Converge | Cult Leader | Dead In The Dirt
Standout Track: From The Unforgiving Arms Of God

07. The Burning Wind - S/T
“I came across this fantastic EP whilst browsing Bandcamp in September. I was drawn in by the album artwork at first and when I clicked play, I was instantly hooked by the overall intensity of the music. I can’t say more about the band unfortunately, other than they are from the States. This is due to them having no real social media presence, apart from an Instagram account. It’s all very mysterious, but I suppose that adds to the charm of the project. It keeps me checking back to see if any new material has arrived. If you enjoy well written and executed chaotic hardcore, look no further.”
FFO: Converge | Norma Jean | Advent
Standout Track: Occam’s Razor

08. Marée Noire - Encéphale
“Marée Noire are a melodic screamo band from Quebec, Canada. Musically the band employs a very European influenced screamo sound, especially from the French emotive punk scene. There are passionate screams/yells delivered in French, coupled with dynamic drum work and textural guitar sections. I’m a big fan of the explosive moments within this EP and the dreamy post rock sections which create a wonderful ebb and flow of layered atmospherics. This band has a bright future indeed and I’m looking forward to hearing more material from them.”
FFO: Daïtro | Sed Non Satiata | Birds In Row
Standout Track: Révérence

09. Portrayal Of Guilt - S/T
“Members of LYED and Illustrations playing intense and heavy screamo with a blackened edge and unexpected bursts of melody. With just three songs in total, this Texas based outfit showcases their keen songwriting prowess and ability to weave crossover influences seamlessly to create a diverse and highly charged listen. Expect a full length record in 2018.”
FFO: Pg. 99 | Majority Rule | Encyclopedia of American Traitors
Standout Track: Humanity Is Frail

10. Meth. - The Children Are Watching
“Seb Alvarez is a talented multi-instrumentalist from Chicago and has been involved with a number of killer projects in the past 7+ years. Meth. is another fine addition to Seb’s musical catalogue and an excursion into the realms of experimental art and violent noise. This EP is bound to keep fans who enjoy piercing screams, dissonant breakdowns and short blistering songs very happy. It has also been recently announced that Meth. will be expanded into a full band line up in 2018 with members of Black Nail. I’m really looking forward to hearing how the band progresses in sound moving forward.”
FFO: Me And Him Call It Us | Tower Of Rome | Hayworth
Standout Track: Elder Body

2017 Splits:
01. Siberian Hell Sounds & Convulsing
Two of Australia’s finest extreme metal acts come together for this behemoth and perfectly matched album-length split. Siberian Hell Sounds deliver an abrasive 20min onslaught of apocalyptic hell fire with their side. The track begins with an ominous textural introduction before turning into a full on blackened assault near the two minute mark. Convulsing is the solo project of Brendan Sloan, who is also a member of Dumbsaint. Convulsing’s side is a 20min+ raw blackened knife to the throat. It’s combination of jarring dissonance, dense atmospherics and metallic assaults which will leave you feeling wounded. Both bands are experts of moulding expansive and captivating darkness.
FFO: Deathspell Omega | Plebeian Grandstand | Ulcerate | Krallice
Standout Track: The Breath of The Beast

02. Yarrow
This is a stunning four way 10” split featuring Untold Want (f.k.a Iwakura), Ostraca, Vril and Coma Regalia. It sees each of the bands delivering their variations on the theme of empathy in the modern world. Untold Want deliver four explosive chaotic tracks of piercing hardcore. Ostraca offer up two beautifully constructed opus’ of expansive screamo. Vril’s three tracks are raging volatile bursts of hardcore, coupled with passionate emotive vocal delivery. Lastly, Coma Regalia round out the split with their finest three tracks to date of expertly crafted chaotic screamo. Yarrow is a perfectly matched outing and a refreshing listen from front to back. Highly recommended.
FFO: Combatwoundedveteran | Pg. 99 | Loma Prieta | Ampere
Standout Track: Soft Veils

03. мятеж & Samarra
мятеж is a chaotic screamo project which features members from both Canada and the US. The band delivers three tracks overall on their side of the split. Two of the tracks are raw bursts of highly charged screamo. Their final track is a piano led instrumental with overlaid vocals. This introduces some much needed calm and textural ambience after the initial audio assault. Virginia based outfit, Samarra are up next with their contribution of three stunning tracks of moody screamo. The band weaves intricate emotive passages with distinct and passionate vocal interplay, consisting of low-end yells and piercing shrieks. All in all, this is an evocative and intense listen. Definitely don't sleep on this.
FFO: Ampere | Welcome The Plague Year | The Spirit Of Versailles
Standout Track: It Is Fine, Everything Is Fine

04. A Release Of Excess Flesh
‘A Release of Excess Flesh’ is a cacophony of well orchestrated chaos from these two exciting bands. Viriginia based noise merchants .gif from god offer two tracks of caustic and volatile sounding hardcore. Their sound can be described as hybrid of violent and caustic screamo, intermixed with chaotic hardcore sensibilities. Those nostalgic for the golden era of Myspace noise, will find lots to enjoy here. Boston based experimental hardcore outfit, Vein pummel the listener with their finest tracks to date. It’s mosh pit inciting metallic hardcore with a healthy dose of dissonance and off kilter rhythms. This releases knocks you to the floor, and keeps you coming back for more.
FFO: Pg. 99 | The Great Redneck Hope | Converge | Disembodied
Standout Track: Why I Died Wide Eyed

05. Disparo! & Endless Swarm
Disparo! are a brutal fastcore outfit from Australia who formed in 2011. The band is known for their DIY ethic and intense touring regime. Their side of the split offers up four blistering tracks of intense and thrashy hardcore punk. Endless Swarm is a four piece powerviolence outfit from Scotland who formed in 2013. They also deliver four tracks of unhinged hardcore that weaves elements of grind and violence with mass effect. If you enjoy your hardcore delivered in raging fashion and coupled with blast beats, this will definitely keep you hooked.
FFO: Infest | Limp Wrist | Spazz | Crossed Out
Standout Track: Two Chances
Bandcamp: Disparo! / Endless Swarm

06. Sex Prisoner & Harm Done
After working on a European tour together in October of this year, US powerviolence merchants Sex Prisoner have teamed up with French HM-2 worshippers Harm Done for an explosive and violent offering to celebrate the occasion. Both bands blast the listener with 8 hostile sounding tracks that expertly weave grind, powerviolence and metallic influences. This offering is bound to induce a concussion, but oh is it worth it.
FFO: Neanderthal | Weekend Nachos | Infest | Entombed
Standout Track: Endless Fall

07. ANCST & King Apathy
Two of Germany’s finest blackened outfits come together for this ferocious split. Comprising of just four tracks in total, this split features two exclusive songs by each band. The first tracks are brand new, original compositions. The other tracks are skillfully reworked and reinterpreted covers, in which both bands experiment with what it would sound like if they influenced each other. With ANCST’s new offering ‘Gehenna Of Fire’ the band pushes their blackened crust sound into more of a melodic territory, whilst still maintaining the aggression from their prior releases. King Apathy (f.k.a. Thränenkind) deliver their new track entitled ‘Disguise’ which expertly showcases their musical prowess, by weaving crossover influences of textural ambience, aspects of extreme metal and raging hardcore.
FFO: Iskra | Undying | Agalloch | Alcest
Standout Track: Gehenna Of Fire
Bandcamp: Ancst / King Apathy

08. Tromblon & Like Pigs On Embers
“An exceptional 12” split from these two French underground bands. Tromblon deliver their blend of dark emotive influenced chaotic hardcore with three superb tracks. They are brimming with angsty riffage, crusty vocals and dissonant tonality. Like Pigs On Embers offer up 4 dirty and raw sounding violent hardcore punk tracks on their side. Musically they feature buzz saw guitars, loads of d-beats and blasting drum sections and grimy vocals. Dissonance meeting violence is perfectly encapsulated here.
FFO: Converge | Birds In Row | Trap Them | All Pigs Must Die
Standout Track: Car Peut-être Les Bons Pères Sont-Ils Beaucoup Plus Rares Que Les Bons Fils
Bandcamp: Tromblon / Like Pigs On Embers

09. Gillian Carter & Eyelet
Flordian screamo outfit, Gillian Carter kick things off with two short bursts of intense emotive hardcore bangers. It’s a quick opener with a powerful statement and leads straight into Eyelet’s tracks, who are more intricate and dynamically woven. The band employs strong usage of juxtaposition within their tracks. They feature aggressive tendencies intermixed with some melodic texturing to build expansive feeling sections. Overall this split is short and sweet, but definitely worth ones attention.
FFO: Neil Perry | City Of Caterpillar | Welcome The Plague Year | Loma Prieta
Standout Track: Cowardice
Bandcamp: Gillian Carter / Eyelet

10. Faces Of The Moving Year
An evenly matched split between two of the United States most impressive modern screamo bands. Ostraca kick things off with three stunning tracks. Their well orchestrated blend of textural layered atmospherics and violent bursts of aggression are perfectly highlighted here. Flesh Born (f.k.a. Elesh Norn) aim to pummel the listener with their selection of five tracks delivered in quick succession. It’s a barrage of intense riffage with chaotic and blackened leanings. All is all, Faces Of The Moving Year is a dynamic slab of creative screamo, bound to keep fans of the genre happy.
FFO: Pg. 99 | City Of Caterpillar | Protestant | Majority Rule
Standout Track: Decay And Fall
Bandcamp: Ostraca / Flesh Born

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