Wednesday 17 January 2018

***LA NAUSÉE exclusive EP premiere***

'Empty-full space' EP
exclusive premiere
buy cassettes soon

Boasting two members whose bands are/were amazing, including Commuovere, Lonely AnimalsThisismenotthinkingofyou, Moss Rose, Kodos, etc., Gabriel and Shaun teamed up via the internet and recorded three twinkly, jazzy and righteous screamo jams in less than as many minutes. Gabriel runs Le Blast Records in Canada while Shaun runs Adorno Records in the U.K. so both labels will be releasing some tapes in the very near future. You'll be able to order from the Le Blast Facebook page (by messaging them) or from the Adorno Records Bandcamp site.

(2018) LA NAUSÉE - "Spacing Dots" (from 'Empty-full space')
The opening track is my favourite, as in just 1:14 the following happens: dual screaming and a few different dreamy sections, sweet stop/starts with jazzy drums and very noodley Off Minor-esque guitarwork. Yeah...that's a lot of awesome. Unbelievably good.

(2018) LA NAUSÉE - "...Of Loneliness" (from 'Empty-full space')
The midde track is more of an ambient/audio clip that is eerie as shit, especially when you get the end, and the depressing subject matter will sink you a few inches for sure.

(2018) LA NAUSÉE - "On Memory" (from 'Empty-full space')
The final song is very short at only 32 seconds in length, but it manages to roll through three mini-movements in that time, mostly on the more atmospheric and layered screamo instead of the mathy-ass noodles.

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