Sunday 18 December 2016

***IL MARE DI ROSS exclusive interview***


From Sardinia comes IL MARE DI ROSS, playing a killer hybrid of European screamo and dreamy post-hardcore. These Italians released 'Nulla è per sempre neppure l'inverno' earlier in 2016 on some great labels, with two in particular jumping out, those being Dingleberry Records, Adorno Records and Screamore. The six songs are very well crafted, weaving in and out of ambient dreamscapes and screamy hardcore that really incorporate a theatrical presence. Jam the two embedded songs and read the relatively short interview we had in fall of 2016.

For fans ofVi älskade varandra så mycketThey Sleep We LiveLibido WinsUbiquity, Violent BreakfastViva Belgrado and Uragano.

------o   IL MARE DI ROSS   o------

1) How did the band come to be?
Francesco and Alberto played in Hadam, a post rock band with heavy screamo influences. When Hadam disbanded they decided to create a new band that reflects their state of mind and so here we are.

2) Why the name, Il Mare Di Ross?
Il Mare Di Ross (or Ross Sea) is a deep bay of the Southern Ocean in Antarctica and is known as the coldest stretch of sea in the world.

3) What bands have influenced you the most?
We love euroskramz, especially Italian and Swedish music like Suis La Lune, Via Fondo, Violent Breakfast and Raein are our biggest inspirations, but also bands like Saetia and Funeral Diner or something less noisy like William Bonney, Old Gray and Brand New.

4) What bands do you think your music sounds like?
I really don’t know, we tried to create our personal sound trough the years and when I listen to our works I listen just Il Mare Di Ross. Maybe in the angriest riffs I recognize some Orchid stuff, in arpeggios maybe Suis La Lune.

5) What was the band that got each member obsessed with music?
Absolutely Violent Breakfast, I think they were the best doing that skramz thing.

6) What tours have you done? What one was the best?
Honestly we don’t  travel so much, we just crossed Sardinia. Probably the funniest one was the three day mini-tour with Vilma, great guys and big parties. Love you guys.

7) Tell us about your new album.
It’s really different from the others, it’s more post-hardcore. We tried to do something new in a genre that has been stagnating for years. The production is inspired by the bigs of the past, there are lots of crescendos, arpeggios and post-rock parts, spoken word sections and rotten screams. We are very proud of the outcome.

8) How did the writing/recording process differ this time when compared to previous releases?
Everything was written by the two guitarists just improvising, sometimes at parties, sometimes in rehearsal rooms, it came out of itself and wasn’t written like our previous albums. The production took a very long time as we wanted everything to sound different.

9) What is your standpoint of the world at the moment?
Wow, this is difficult. Trivially, I think that sad, angry and whatever bad moments there are, we have more happy ones but we are so concentrated on falling apart because of our incompetence to relate to the world. We can’t see what makes this life good.

10) What things do you have coming up that you'd like to tell the OMSB readers about?
We are currently writing new stuff, stay tuned!

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