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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Emo / Emotive Hardcore / Screamo / Skramz
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CountryForli ITALY
Years Active2004-2007
Song: "Vis Donc, Damne"
Album: "Oktiabr' Novembre"
Year: 2006
For fans ofCrocusМаяк, Raein, La Quiete, Lakmé, Ogni Giorno, (older) Standstill, Pastel, Eaglehaslanded, Viva Belgrado, Gli Altri, Her Breath On Glass, They Sleep We Live, June Paik, Yo Sbraito, Killed By Malaise, Acabah Rot, Descubriendo A Mr. Mime, Chuck Bass, Am I Dead Yet?Det Är Därför Vi Bygger Städer and Danse Macabre aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Sons Of Vesta / Grab The Stars
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I first heard of ENDLESS INERTIA through a trade with Shove Records in Italy. I forget who the band was likened to that made me trade for a few copies, but I'm sure it was Raein and La Quiete, as they are also Italian. Their 2006 LP is fantastic. In 2007 they released their final material and it was underwhelming.

Looking first at the debut 'Oktiabr'/Novembre' full length, it's pretty good. There is a plethora of melodic and chaotic screamy hardcore songs but nothing tops "Vis Donc, Damne", which is by far the band's crowning achievement. Not only that, but no other songs even comes close to this shining beacon of anthemic European screamy hardcore thanks to the latter half of the track encapsulating a perfect climb to the 1:41 climax of screaming amidst swirling guitars and a dreamy solo that is downright titillating. I can't say enough about this song, fuckin' serious.

Looking next at the 2007 compilation of dead songs (as far as I can tell, at least) titled 'Epica Trapassata E Futura' that houses six lackluster songs, but only when compared to the band's previous endeavors. The primary problem for me is the vocals, which abandoned all screams and resorted to talking over the music. And the music, well, the music is still pretty sweet but the recording quality extracts a fair amount of the punch that ENDLESS INERTIA had with 'Oktiabr'/Novembre', thus leaving the release sounding empty, and unfinished.

While writing this review I stumbled across a Youtube video of a 2005 ENDLESS INERTIA cdEP that I can only assume is a demo, considering the first track is repeated on the 2006 LP. Regardless, this 13-minute thing is well worth a listen, is much more enticing than the 2007 material and is very Danse Macabre and early Raein. Although the quality isn't the greatest, I've made the video into mp3s that are included in the full discography mp3 download linked below.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2005 - Nient'altro Che Polvere cdrEP (stream here)

2006 - Oktjabr'/Novembre cdLP (buy cd here)

2007 - Epica Trapassata E Futura digitalLP (stream/download here)


(2005) ENDLESS INERTIA - "4" (from 'Nient'altro Che Polvere')

(2006) ENDLESS INERTIA - "Vis Donc, Damne" (from 'Oktjabr'/Novembre')

(2006) ENDLESS INERTIA - "555 Spettatori Coscienti" (from 'Oktjabr'/Novembre')

(2006) ENDLESS INERTIA - "Espiazione Dell'incomunicabilita" (from 'Oktjabr'/Novembre')

(2007) ENDLESS INERTIA - "La Bohème" (from 'Epica Trapassata E Futura')


ENDLESS INERTIA out of print mp3 discography download / additional links

(download here)



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