Tuesday 21 April 2015

*** URAGANO double-post song premiere extravabandza POST #499 ***

GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal / Emo / Screamo / Hardcore / Drone / Ambient / Noise / Skramz
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CountrySanremo ITALY
Years Active2013-present
Song: "Vomito"
Album: "New EP"
Year: 2015
Label(s): Zegema Beach Records and a bunch more that'll take too long to name...like 30.
This post's artist is from the April 2015 Mix. This is track #6.
You can download: the April Mix#4 right here or get the new May 2015 Mix#5 here.
For fans ofEnvy, Deadseraphim, Ampere, Trapdoor Fucking Exit, JR Ewing, Apollo 18, Colonia, Quiet Lakes, Mono, Pelican, Back When, Tephra, Descubriendo A Mr. Mime, Rye Coalition, Viva Belgrado, La Parade, Transistor Transistor, Isis, Amanda Woodward, Gantz, OsoLuna and Zozobra aka PROPER SCREAMO.

URAGANO strikes a delicate balance between dirty, gritty screamo/hardcore and massive, intricate and layered post-rock/post-metal. Bassy and spacey, screamy and dreamy. That was fun to write.

Here is a review of the upcoming LP that has not been released, save for the opening track which is premiering today on this blog post. "Vomito" opens the new record, which is a good song and very representative of the other four songs to come. It wastes no time bringing in the quickest section first which leads to a bass and guitar rock and roll frenzy that could be old Rye Coalition or Transistor Transistor. I was hesitant to use this as the premiere song for this post because I was more partial to "Occhi" but after repeat listens I sang to the same tune as the band's initial request. In the end I think the screamy vocal patterns are my favourite tool in this song's bag, but the guitar romps are a close second.

The second track, "Inferno", is a very melodic affair that could be likened to La Parade and OsoLuna especially with the softer instrumental sections after 1:25 all the way until 2:35 or so when the hardcore breakdown stomps in.

As mentioned above "Occhi" is my favourite song on here. It's part of a one-two punch with tracks three and four. Right off the bat we are met with classic Italian screamy hardcore such as La Quiete but less mathy and a little grittier on the screams. At 30 seconds there is a sick bass romp with whirring guitars that climax at the 1-minute mark as guitar solos and passionate screaming. A drum roll at 1:55 bleeds into a feedback laden outro aka the spillover intro for "America" which jumps right into the thick of it with Trapdoor Fucking Exit-esque dirty/screamy post-punk/hardcore. The second half of this song is a little different than the previous half and song before as it incorporates a broader influence that may or may not include Back When and Pelican and delivers a heavy instrumental punch, which is certainly not the only time we are pummeled in such a fashion on this record.

The closing track titled "Gabbiani" is the lone, long song clocking in at 9:06. The whirring and droning mix quite cohesively with the epic, brooding, instrumental post-rock/post-hardcore/post-metal, especially at 2:30. Just over halfway through the band breaks from the distorted and aggressive material and turn instead to Amanda Woodward and Gantz as possible influences with vocals that drift in for a brief moment. The closing three minutes is more post-hardcore/metal stuff in the vein of Envy Tephra, Isis and Zozobra.

I helped release URAGANO's first EP on a split cd with Gli Altri in the early days of Zegema Beach Records. The split material was okay but certainly showed promise. That promise has been fulfilled with the new release that I unfortunately could not fund due to lack of...well, funds. The opening song on the split cd is "Amy" and they waste no time showing that 9 minute songs are easy. Two minutes into the jagged and uncomfortable intro the vocals kick in and pick up to some rolling thunder at about 5:30 that drags itself though some sludgy muck and is joined by gang screaming at 7:20 which begins the slowdown to a droning, feedback laden . "L'Interludio" plays some cool tricks with the headphones and is a bit of a circus mindfuck. Luckily it's only 54 seconds long. The final track is "238 Chilometri" and is the most digestable of the three songs. Within the first minute we are met with caveman drums, ? and wretched screaming. By the second minute we are floating around the stars and before the third even begins we are punking out again. Then there's the sound manipulation and huge bass and...well, you get the idea. There's bound to be something you like and they really tie it together well and therefore I don't lose interest.

I have the new EP and wish I could post more than just the one song, but that means you should be extra excited. URAGANO has come a hell of a long way in one year so I'm pumped like a Reebok tongue about their future bangers! Oh, and check out this sick full set with the new LP being played!



2013 - Uragano EP I cdEP(stream/donate/download here)
2013 - Uragano single (stream/donate/download here)

2014 - Making Waves 4-way split (w/Chuck Bass, Fiesta Bizarra and Urugai) (stream here)
2014 - Gli Altri split cdLP (buy here)
2014 - Soundcage compilation (stream/donate/download here)

2015 - EP (this hasn't been released yet)


(2015) URAGANO - "Vomito" (from 'New EP')

(2014) URAGANO - "238 Chilometri" (from 'Gli Altri' split cd)


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URAGANO / GLI ALTRI - split cd (buy here)

ridiculous live set captured on video (on youtube here)


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