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GenresPunk / Rock / Post-Hardcore / Indie / Garage / Emo / Alternative / Lounge
Related artistsThe Blood Brothers, Head Wound City, Neon Blonde, Shoplifting, Fleet Foxes, Sharks Keep Moving and Nineironspitfire.
CountrySeattle, Washington USA
Years Active2008-2010
Song: "Chrome Life"
Album: "Strange Symmetry"
Year: 2008
Label(s): Suicide Squeeze / Journal Of Popular Noise
This post's artist is from the April 2015 Mix. This is track #8.
You can download: the April Mix#4 right here or get the new May 2015 Mix#5 here.
For fans ofThe International Noise Conspiracy, Soiled Doves, The Vogue, Life In Vacuum, The Blood Brothers, Sloan, Neon Blonde, Hot Hot Heat, Head Wound City, Joy Division, The Mark Inside and Dance Disaster Movement.

My wife called them The Blood Brothers lite, which is a pretty accurate description considering 3/4 of the band came directly from the The Blood Brothers breakup (with the other member being the original guitarist but leaving before the first LP) and PAST LIVES are very reminiscent of the band's softer and more straightforward songs near the end of their career - aka 'Crimes/Young Machetes' era. Jordan is much more capable of stretching his vocals, as is showcased in "Falling Spikes" which sounds like Soiled Doves/The Vogue with a creepier yet more melodic vibe. Damn it's a great song, in fact it's easily one of the best songs that the band ever wrote,

The album opener "Paralyzer" slams the hard/soft dynamic over the course of the song with much more of an emphasis on the melodies. Like much of the album, I find the grandiose attempts by the band fall a little short. "Past Lives" is in a similar vein but weaves its way into my mind a little deeper and reminds me a bit of 'Crimes'-era The Blood Brothers. "Don't Let the Ashes Fill Your Eyes" sounds mockingly evil with borderline cacophonous and swirling "na na na"s strewn throughout. "Aerosol Bouquet" is yet another somber song that warrants the question, drug induced songwriting? Honestly, that is extremely unlikely considering what I've read about the members and their lack of association to drugs, but damn that is some eerie and trippy shit. "K Hole" takes that formula and runs with it, very successfully I might add. Following that is the stunning "Hex Takes Hold" that incorporates some brass and it's so fucking sassy. I love it, especially the snappy, playful and catchy singing. "Hospital White" is another playful romp with some very high pitched vocals that compliments the aforementioned "Falling Spikes".

From the first EP 'Strange Symmetry' my favourite song is "Chrome Life" starts with feedback and Mark's classic drum clicking. The song slowly builds until 1:29 when the vocals kick in and eventually reach screaming levels at the 3-minute mark. "Skull Lender" is also a decent track which could have appeared on 'Young Machetes' with it's relatively spastic and screamy foundation. There is another EP from the 3-way collaboration with Bora Yoon and Na + Junko which was available for download on the band's website, but whaddya know, the website is down and I can't find the 'Journal of Popular Noise - Issue 7' 5-song EP anywhere.

So despite sounding like Head Wound City crossed with the slower parts of The Blood Brothers and Soiled Doves this is still very fresh sounding and worth checking out. I'm a rreal sucker for the higher pitched songs on vocals, and that is my problem with the band's new material, as the somber, slow songs can sound kind of lackadaisacal in their approach to grab the listener's attention. But when the songs are good, they are really fuckin' good.



2008 - Strange Symmetry cd/12"EP (download here)
2008 - Journal of Popular Noise (split w/Bora Yoon & Na + Junko) 3x7"EP (if you have this please upload it and link us!)

2010 - Tapestry of Webs cd/12"LP (stream/buy here)


(2010) PAST LIVES - "Hex Takes Hold" (from 'Tapestry of Webs')

(2010) PAST LIVES - "Falling Spikes" (from 'Tapestry of Webs')

(2010) PAST LIVES - "Hospital White" (from 'Tapestry of Webs')

(2008) PAST LIVES - "Chrome Life" (from 'Strange Symmetry')

(2008) PAST LIVES - "Skull Lender" (from 'Strange Symmetry')


PAST LIVES mp3 discography download (well 66% if their discography, at least)

(download here)


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