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GenresPunk / Noise Rock / Emo-Violence / Hardcore / Metalcore / Screamo / Noise / Thrash / Dark Skramz
Related artistsUlises Lima and Crudo.
Years Active2007-2010
Song: "Bruce Lee Style"
Album: "Le Diabolique Cancan"
Year: 2008
Label(s): I dunno
This post's artist is from the August 2014 Mix. This is track #2.
You can download the August Mix#8 right here or get the new August Mix#9 here.
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Angry, pissed off, screamy hardcore from Spain. CRANEO only released two EPs to my knowledge, "Fragrantia" was my first introduction to the band and my jaw literally dropped. How had I not heard this before!?!?! I stumbled across the band on The Poet You Never Were's blog from a few years back. If you haven't extracted as much information as possible from The Poet You Never Were, get on that. I have found a least 10 totally new bands that have floored me and the mp3 are mostly still up for download. It's a great screamo resource.

So, after scouring the internet for information regarding the band and releases (which was very hard to find!) I was more than content jamming CRANEO daily as they fall somewhere between metallic hardcore and emo-violence, leaving me to label it as metallic screamo. If you can dig Seyarse, Textbook Traitors, Isodora Crane and Anger Is Beautiful you will love this band. They play really fast but keep it melodic enough that after a few listens banging your head in time with the music becomes much easier. They utilize a primary screamer with the occasional fill from a lower, deep-ended vocalist that compliment each other very well, and remind me a bit of Joshua Fit For Battle but less shrieky in the vocal department. Dark, chaotic skramz, for the new kids.

While writing this review I stumbled across a 2nd album that the band recorded but I can't find as mp3s anywhere, so I created some. I think this is basically the English premiere of 'Craneo is Fucking Dead like Lost or Bruce Willis' which I've included in the discography download along with 'Le Diabolique Cancan' all in mp3 format.


DISCOGRAPHYClick )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2008 - Le Diabolique Cancan cdEP

2010 - Craneo is Fucking Dead like Lost or Bruce Willis digitalEP


(2008) CRANEO - "Fragrantia" (from 'Le Diabolique Cancan')

(2010) CRANEO - "Colossus" (from 'Craneo is Fucking Dead like Lost or Bruce Willis')

(2008) CRANEO - "Bruce Lee Style" (from 'Le Diabolique Cancan')

(2008) CRANEO - "Black Orchid" (from 'Le Diabolique Cancan')

(2010) CRANEO - "The Gate of Fire" (from 'Craneo is Fucking Dead like Lost or Bruce Willis')


CRANEO out-of-print discography mp3 download / additional links

(download here)



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