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GenresPunk / Post Rock / Noise Rock / Lounge Rock / Indie Rock / Sass Rock / Post Hardcore / Experimental
Related artists: Jaguar Love, The Chromatics, The Vogue, The Gossip, The Blood Brothers and Neon Blonde.
CountrySeattle, Washington USA
Years Active2000-2001
Song: "Soiled Life"
Album: "Soiled Life"
Year: 2003
Label(s): Gold Standard Laboratories / King of the Monsters
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For fans ofThe Blood Brothers, Neon Blonde, Jaguar Love, The Chromatics, Rye Coalition, Meth And Goats, Ultra Dolphins, Maximum R'n'R, Cyrus Gold, Ladder Devils, The Paper Chase and lots of other stuff that I don't listen to and therefore cannot justify name dropping.

SOILED DOVES were the first prominent side-project that Johnny Whitney of The Blood Brothers erected in conjunction with some members of his previous band The Vogue as well as post/art-punk outfit The Chromatics. They played a jangly, unsettling and venomous brand of garage rock with screaming. Vocally this may be reminiscent of The Blood Brothers, and occasionally with the guitar riffs and additional instrumentation, but SOILED DOVES are definitely a different beast. First, there is only one vocalist, so back and forth chaotic chants are nowhere to be found. The speed and caustic nature of The Blood Brothers is not present, as this band opts slower and more obvious hooks, as well as having a denser focal point, as the band isn't spread out each playing their own thing but instead build their parts as a cohesive and much more simplistic whole.

Some notable songs from the LP:
The swirling "dah dah dah dah dah dah dah"s in "Black Cactus Choir" tie the first song together and remind me of taking a ride on a morbid merry-go-round. It, along with "Fuck This Nest", literally scream The Blood Brothers. "Hot Siberian Heat" is a jagged and jaded post-punk song that sounds more like The Chromatics than The Blood Brothers. "Accelerator" (during the chorus) and "Soiled Life" (during the first and last verses) are lounge music to the max and really encapsulate what sets the band apart from Johnny's other projects. "Soiled Doves" begins like it was recorded in a jungle, as the bouncy bass riff carries the first half of the song through what sounds almost like a seance with the help of the some tribal drums. This song also has some of the best lyrical deliveries and vocal patterns, for example, "Your girl skin guitar just got back from the sanitarium and your song dribbles into my ear from the catheter lodged in your lung. Doctor, please, please, please prescribe cocaine for this sagging skull. A pill to perspirate. A knife to agotate. Serum to re-create this ex-soiled dove." A "Death Knell for Paper Children" is my favourite SOILED DOVES song...probably because it sounds a lot like a slow-jam version of The Blood Brothers with a really catchy guitar riff that permeates the entire song. The vocals are the perfect mix of screaming and crooning, while they stay away from the caustic and snarky bite of some of the other songs.

Here are some additional random notes that may or may not be of interest:
-The band's material was recorded in 2001 but not released until the end of 2003.
-It's quite clear that Johnny Whitney must have done the artwork.
-The lyrics, like most things Whitney, revolve around similar characters that branch off from the trunk that was The Blood Brothers.
-I sold my 'Hot Siberian Heat' 7" but to my recollection it had the same versions as the LP.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2001 - Hot Siberian Heat 7"

2003 - Soiled Life cd/12"LP


(2003) SOILED LIFE - "Death Knell for Paper Children" (from 'Soiled Life')

(2003) SOILED LIFE - "Accelerator" (from 'Soiled Life')

(2003) SOILED LIFE - "Black Cactus Choir" (from 'Soiled Life')

(2003) SOILED LIFE - "Soiled Life" (from 'Soiled Life')


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