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GenresPunk / Rock / Post-Rock / Post-Hardcore / Alternative / Indie Rock / Space Rock
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CountryPurchase/Westchester, New York USA
Years Active2005-present
Song: "Lights and Shape"
Album: "Foreword"
Year: 2008
Label(s): Self ReleasedDeep Elm Records / Caetera Recordings / Topshelf Records / Triple Crown Records / Make My Day Records
This post's artist is from the June 2014 Mix. This is track #8.
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For fans ofThrice, (old) Codeseven, Gifts Of Enola, (antenna-era) Cave In, Mono, Radiohead, Quiet LakesEnvy and other stuff that I don't have time to name now, what with a newborn baby and all.

If I had written this review following the release of 'Foreword' in 2008, this would read very different. 'Foreword' was a very important album that aided in reminding me that post-hardcore/emo-rock bands can be very talented and channel that talent into new and exciting sounds. That EP boasts some seriously rocking, serene, ambient, massive and screamy music. The extra frills and production make that sucka glisten because everything works towards a cohesive whole that is able to carry dreamy/beautiful music hand-in-hand with heavy and pounding stuff. Before I talk about how good the songs are, I should also mention that 2 of the tracks are 10 minutes and should be 5, as the EP really is longer than it should be.

"Lights and Shapes" has a prime example of why 'Foreword' is so emotional and passionate, just take 46 seconds and jam 2:14-3:00 (on this particular version that I've cut) to get a pretty instantaneous grasp of what this EP is all about. "Foreword" builds up nicely from the get-go, with instrumentals that sound like their pattering off a pond until the 1:30-mark when they move into Envy/Mono territory and then those sweet, infectious melodies burst forth from both vocalists simultaneously at 3 minutes in (on this particular version that I've cut). "With One's Heart in One's Mouth" is a soaring song on vocals with some twinkly Gifts From Enola-esque instrumentals.

The frills and production that I discussed earlier as a pro for 'Foreword' have a polarizing effect on 'Waves' and basically repeat what Alkaline Trio's problems were with 'From Here To Infirmary' to 'Good Mourning'. But,...went from exciting and somewhat original songwriting to (what I feel) is a rehashed genre tapped almost a decade ago. Remember when Thrice moved from heavier metal-influenced punk to Radiohead light-rock? This transition and comparison is not exact, but I'm having the same feelings about the band that I had for Thrice...subtle disappointment. I'm not saying it doesn't have the passion of the band's earlier work, but that's what it seems like to me. Maybe the change was due to money. Maybe I'm reaching here, as the band merely evolved into what they are comfortable with and what they want. It's just not what I want. And in case you didn't realize, the world revolves around me.

Now, I should probably mention that this album isn't bad - it's just not what I expected. Songs such as "My Life is Like a Chase Dream", "Where Two Bodies Lie", "Always Only for Me" and "Alleviate" are pretty decent, but don't hold a candle to anything on 'Foreword' and I'm sure many other fans will push 'Pneuma' as the band's crowning achievement, but I found it simply a stepping stone to 'Foreword'.

P.S. I like 'Foreword'. I also don't expect or want bands to redo the same album over and over, but transitioning to a style that interests me less...well, it does just that. I was super pumped for 'Waves'. I don't think I'll even check out the next album. Oh shit, I just saw that they released an album last year. Okay so after listening to it only once, my initial thoughts on 'Moving Mountains' 2013 album are:
1 - "Swing Set" = I think I see where this is going.
2 - "Burn Pile" = They definitely seem to be taking the slow route. It's not bad, but it's pretty generic sounding. The chorus has hints of MOVING MOUNTAINS, but otherwise the instrumentals lack all driving force and power, the vocals also have no hint of upper register and monotonously plod along.
3 - "Hands" = It's not a bad song, but I'm just not feeling it.
4 - "Seasonal" = Did I go into this review negative enough that it biased my opinion of the music's true value? Do I just not like the band as much? Have they objectively gotten bland when compared to early releases? I'd say all three are true but I don't know what the ratio is. Regardless, I think I'm done.

P.P.S. Go listen to 'Foreword'. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.



2008 - Pneuma cd/2x12"LP
2008 - Foreword cd/12"EP

2010 - Should I Fall Behind digital single (Bruce Springsteen cover)

2011 - Waves cd/12"LP

2012 - New Light 12"EP

2013 - Moving Mountains cd/12"LP


(2008) MOVING MOUNTAINS - "Lights and Shapes" (from 'Foreword')

(2008) MOVING MOUNTAINS - "With One's Heart in One's Mouth" live video

(2008) MOVING MOUNTAINS - "Foreword" (from 'Foreword')

(2008) MOVING MOUNTAINS - "Cover the Roots Lower the Stems" (from 'Pneuma')

(2011) MOVING MOUNTAINS - "Always Only for Me" (from 'Waves')


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