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GenresPunk / Metal / Hardcore / D-Beat / Doom / Post-Metal / Progressive Metal / Crust / Sludge Metal / Post-Rock
Related artistsN/A.
CountrySeattle, USA
Years Active2010-present
Song: "IV"
Album: "Breag Naofa"
Year: Untitled
Label(s): Panic Records / Halo Of Flies / Shove Records
This post's artist is from the June 2014 Mix. This is track #14.
You can download the July Mix#7 right here or get the new August Mix#8 here.
For fans ofOaken, Monuments Collapse, Neurosis, Tephra, AmenRaBokanovsky, AmberLamb Of God, Meshugga, IntronautRosetta, Locktender, Fall Of Efrafa, Lightbearer, Protestant, Buried Inside and Omega Massif.

BRÉAG NAOFA is a crushing band from Seattle that play deep, heavy and gutteral metal and hardcore hybrid of the epic variety, see Buried Inside, Monuments Collapse, Fall Of Efrafa and Bokanovsky.

The songs and riffs are long and drawn out but stop for a quick breakdown insertion and sound a heck of a lot like Amber's new material and Monuments Collapse, whom the band shares a split 12" with that I highly recommend picking up for a myriad of reasons (both bands, gatefold packaging, artwork, Halo Of Flies, etc). The vocals are haunting, crusted nuggets of blackened metallic hardcore and share multiple parallels with Fall Of Efrafa and Protestant.

The split 12" with Monuments Collapse doesn't quite grab me the way their initial 4 songs from the '2012 self-titled' album did, although not by much. There's something a little more engaging with the older songs, but I can certainly vouch that the band has spread its proverbial wings and tapped the dark mood, atmospherics and ambiance that makes the songs sound fuller...kind of like a collagen injection. Seriously, the new material is really, really epic. The split is certainly worth checking out online as there is a digital-only release of "V" which obviously wouldn't fit on said split, as all tracks break the 10-minute barrier.

BRÉAG NAOFA also contacted me when Zegema Beach Records was in serious trouble and I unfortunately couldn't help release their newest endeavor (a split 7" if I'm not mistaken) but I heard the material and both bands were fantastic. Definitely keep your ears to the ground.



2012 - Untitled 12"LP (stream/purchase here)

2013 - Monuments Collapse split 12"LP + digital online "V" track (PURCHASE here and stream V here)


(2013) BRÉAG NAOFA - "VIII" (from 'Monuments Collapse' split)

(2012) BRÉAG NAOFA - "II" (from 'Untitled')

(2012) BRÉAG NAOFA - "IV" (from 'Untitled')


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