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GenresEmo / Pop-Punk / Rock / Garage / Indie / Folk / Surf
Related artistsTrachimbrod, Moon Cove, Tyred Eyes, Camp Jesus, Death By Armbost,
                       Tjibbalito, Monster Trucks, Lucky Heads,  and Niande Plagan.
CountryThe Beach (ha!), SWEDEN
Years Active2012-present
Song: "Christoffer Robin"
Album: "I Love Your Lifestyle"
Year: 2014
Label(s): Zegema Beach Records / Through Love Records / Good Post Day Records
This post's artist is from the March 2014 Mix. This is track #3.
You can download the March 2014 Mix#2 right here.
For fans of: Amercian FootballAlgernon Cadwallader, The Rabbit TheoryCap'n'Jazz,
                 Baton Rouge12XUBomb The Music Industry, Trachimbrod and Nada Surf.

I am putting out this record in North America, but I am having a hard freakin' time getting my thoughts down in words. Well, that's not entirely true. The problem here is that I don't generally listen to this style of 90s emo music, and therefore have little-to-no legitimate comparisons because I'm not well versed in the genre. So, instead of name dropping like a mofo, I'll just try to describe the songs on the EP. If you're interested, check the tracks embedded and name drop some bands of your own choosing. The 7-song 12" transparent green EP will be released on April 11th, 2014 but preorders are up right now! So go here. By the way, this was mixed by Joe Reinhart of Algernon Cadwallader/Hop Along and features the vocalist of Trachimbrod! Mad respect.

"Spider Monkey" is the opening track and showcases the band's Algernon Cadwallader influences. Bouncy, twinkly and downright catchy instrumentals with all clean vocals (albeit with more melody than Algernon) and a great rhythm section.

"Christoffer Robin" is the album's crowning achievement. The song starts off in an almost surf/folk kind of way before reaching that beautiful, sexy chorus. Oh my god, this chorus is so good. I need not say more, just get yourself to 1:00.

"Poetry Issues" is the EPs longest song at 3:37 and is a slower full-band number that treads lightly into twinkly emo territory and away from pop-punk. If the band decided to slow down full-time, they would probably turn a lot of indie rock heads, as this track serves up that genre on a platter.

"Catfights" is a song that sounds an awful lot like an acoustic improvisation with some vocals (and snapping). A decent track, but I don't expect it to be anyone's favourite. It would be great to play on long and scenic nature ride or simply to relax - if it was longer. Instead, the 1:24 song is a quick, laid back acoustic jam.

"Happy Lacuna" reminds me of "Christoffer Robin" and includes some back and forth dual vocals, which I'm always a sucker for. The chorus, albeit simple, is catchy as all hell and as a song is very well-rounded and might even work better than "Christoffer Robin" as a single. I think the 2nd chorus at the 1:44 mark is a prime example of this.

"Long Time No Bruce" is the final banger on this album. Following suit from the previous track, this song takes the dual vocals to a new level at the 0:45-1:00 mark which leads directly into the albums strongest chorus (or, at least, tied with "Christoffer Robin"). Lukas shows here that he can maintain tight vocal harmonies throughout the song, the instrumentals are some of the most complex and jump around in an almost Hot Cross kind of way, and is probably the strongest overall track.

"Bhonus", the bonus track on the vinyl release of the album is a 3-minute meandering through hazy and dreamy twinkly emo with Lukas and a guest female vocalist who really turns this into a thing of beauty. By the end of this track it is more than apparent that for a debut EP this is phenomenal. The final half of "Bhonus" touches back on the sound molded on "Poetry Issues" and rocks us out indie/garage rock style.

I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE. The vocal melodies are so sweet I feel like I'm getting cavities in my ears just listening to the sugary choruses. Goddamn. The band is still in its infancy. With Lukas' singing ability continuing to grow stronger as time progresses, this band could explode in the near future. Just listen to the chorus of "Christoffer Robin" and you'll know what I mean. I, for one, cannot get it out of my head. So ridiculously catchy. This is a debut, so just imagine what any future recordings are going to sound like!

Lastly, one of my first interviews was with Lukas as he is also the vocalist of Trachimbrod, and you can read his interview here.



2014 - I Love Your Lifestyle 12"EP (stream/purchase/download here)

If you live in the following countries, please order from the corresponding label:
Canada and USA, ships international with other records = Zegema Beach Records
Germany = Through Love Records
Russia = Unlock Yourself Records
UK = Good Post Day Records


(2014) I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE - "Long Time No Bruce" (from 'I Love Your Lifestyle')
Official Music Video

(2014) I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE - "Christoffer Robin" (from 'I Love Your Lifestyle')

(2014) I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE - "Happy Lacuna" (from 'I Love Your Lifestyle')


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  1. awesome blog! do you have the track 'bhonus' as an mp3?

  2. Thanks! I do but as I helped release it the song is supposed to entice listeners to support the band/labels.