Monday 13 January 2014

***TEL FYR exclusive interview***

GenresPost-Hardcore / Post-Rock / Metal / Screamo
Related artistsCold Craving.
CountryCalgary, Alberta CANADA
Years Active2009-present
Song: "Sermon 15"
Album: "Todos Caeran split"
Year: 2013
Label(s): Dog Knights Productions / Pint Sized Records
This post's artist is from the September 2013 Mix. This is track #20. Yeah, it's really late. But it's so worth it.
You can't download the September 2013 Mix because it's oooooooooooooold. But you can download the new January 2014 Mix#1 right here.
For fans ofCastle, Buried Inside, Joshua Fit For Battle, Resurrectionists, Old Man Gloom,
                   Isis, Tephra, Amber, Deafheaven, Old Soul, Fall Of Efrafa, Titan,
                   Funeral DinerExamination Of The... and Back When.

I remember the day I finally realized how unbelievable the new Gillian Carter was, and that I needed a copy. I was checking out the Dog Knights site and came across a deal for the GC 10" and the new TEL FYR and Todos Caeran split 12" and figured I'd check out TEL FYR because I knew Todos Caeran was improving. Needless to say, while listening to "Sermon 15" (linked below) I grabbed my head with both hands in utter disbelief and (I think) I made a noise that may or may not have sounded like frog farting.
(2013) TEL FYR - "Sermon 15" (from 'Todos Caeran' split)

The band employs the two ends of the rock spectrum - pretty soft parts that slowly build, bleed into and help create the devastatingly massive destruction that follows. It's not like the band jumps back and forth from these styles in an attempt to shock or surprise the listener. These builds are seamless and can be likened to bands such as Isis, Tool, Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Funeral Diner and Titan.

What gets me salivating during tracks like "Sermon 15" is the all-encompassing, claustrophobic wall of sound that the band produces. Check the ridiculous ending to the song when the dual vocals come in and the band absolutely shreds anything resembling cute, pretty or twinkly. One of the best songs of 2013 for this old chap. This song in particular reminds me of the perfect mix between Joshua Fit For Battle craziness and Buried Inside heaviness. The riffs are thick and chugging or light and engaging while the vocals are on the thick but screamy side and share similarities to bands like Joshua Fit For Battle, Castle and Back When as well as a fair amount of Init Records bands.

I enjoy the band's older material, but after listening to the newer stuff and interviewing Will from TEL FYR, it is very apparent that they are moving away from their early sounds of Fall of Efrafa meets Old Soul and Deafheaven. The material meanders at times and doesn't sound nearly as cohesive as the new tracks, aka pure gold.

TEL FYR has to be unknown because they are so good that I should see people losing their shit left, right and center - and yet everyone is going about their daily lives like the second-coming of Buried Inside isn't happening. I mean, shit - if you read this blog and like the content, this is one of the best bands out there right now. No doubt in my mind about that. Their new record is being written as I write this and is one of my most anticipated releases of 2014. Their split with Todos Caeran was so amazing that it clinched top spot on the OMSB Best of 2013 list for split releases, check it here.


I recently had the pleasure of asking Will from TEL FYR some questions about their upcoming record, Elder Scrolls, his other band, comedians and religion. Check it out using the link below.



2011 - Tel Fyr cassetteLP (stream/download here)

2012 - Dog Knights Productions 2 Year Sampler (stream/download here)

2013 - Todos Caeran split 12"LP (stream/download/donate here)


(2013) TEL FYR - "Almsivi Intervention" (from 'Todos Caeran' split)

(2011) TEL FYR - "Seyda Neen" (from 'Tel Fyr')


TEL FYR additional links


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