Wednesday 15 January 2014

***CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL / MEATCUBE LABEL exclusive interview***

Ryan, the drummer from CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL and the guitarist/vocalist for SANCTIONS, as well as the founder of both I've Come For You're Children and MEATcube Label recently answered some questions about CUTC, his labels and the downright love he has for Japan. He was the lovely fella who got me into this amazing band to watch out for named Hue. His label recently put out the phenomenal double cassette discography for CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL. They are limited to 100 copies and include everything recorded by the band plus a slew of extras. The best $10 you'll ever spend - assuming you get one before they are all out. Get them here. MEATcube Label also released the Stubborn Father 2002-2012 cassette which you can purchase here.

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