Tuesday, 30 April 2013

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This bitch launches tomorrow. Until then, here's a video I shot of a band that plays Nintendo covers from the original gaming system, performing live in Seoul, South Korea back in 2010. THE ADVANTAGE shares/shared members with Hella, but this is way more structured - as it literally follows the Nintendo originals, but with drums, bass and 2 guitarists. In terms of the video linked below, I got lucky with this one - great sound quality and I was right at the front of the crowd. Make sure that you check out both songs - as one is slow and bouncy, while the other is crazy and mathematical. My wife nabbed the set list so I've posted that, too. One last note, was my friend Alex who came with me to the show (and knowing little-to-nothing about the band) proceeded to rock his face off so hard that he fell onto the stage. ONTO the stage. Nice.

THE ADVANTAGE - Bubble Bobble / Contra Alien Lair (video link to youtube LIVE video)

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