Friday 26 April 2013


On March 22nd, 2013 I went to another show that was a measly $10.


All I knew about this band was "screamy hardcore from Chicago". I got excited when they set up. I don't know why, but before they started, I turned to my brother and said - I have a feeling that this band may end up sounding like Kodan Armada. Although I wasn't correct, I wasn't exactly far off. Think Raein meets Snapcase. They played most of the songs off their limited 10" EP that I picked up immediately following their set, as well as some new songs that will be on an upcoming 4 band split that will also include Capacities! That will be one killer split, as at least one of the ITTO songs they played live was from said split and it was absolutely mind-melting. It looks like I will be posting a copy of that song pre-release when the band gets a copy. Let's hope that's soon!

ITTO -> New Song - Gift Horse(video link)
ITTO -> Gift Horse (audio link on Youtube)


These 3 guys are entrancing live. Whether you're screaming along whilst fist pumping, or slowly bobbing your head to the instrumental jams, ANIMAL FACES will get you moving - that's for sure. For the second time in about a year I saw AF and this time they blew me away even more than the first. Super tight. Crazy intense. Amazing people. Short sentences. The video I posted below was at the show that was supposed to be their 7" release party, but because of Record Store Day, all of the smaller bands get fucked by the pressing plants, who rush to press the records requested by the big labels. The video is of their first 3 songs that evening - and watching it still gives me tingles. If there is a positive response to this, I'll post the video I have of their closer - which is insanely intense as the band had to stop mid-song because there was too much moshing going around. If you watch this video, I think you will end up watching the crowd as much as the band, because people lose their shit during the set. My wife watched this, and after slapping herself in the face for not going, she said that she's  never seen so many people having the time of their lives at such a small show. I'm hoping to get an interview with these guys in the near future, so stay tuned for news regarding that. Lastly, I linked their music video as well, cuz it's awesome.

ANIMAL FACES -> Can't See Why - Forward Through - Breathe Lightly (video link)
ANIMAL FACES -> Forward Through (official video link)

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