Thursday, 18 April 2013

In the meantime, check out Proper SCREAMO on Google+

Hey peeps,

I have had some questions about the blog not being updated very often. The reason for that is because the 'official' launch of the blog isn't until May 1st. At that time mp3s and reviews will be put up daily. Until then, check out my Google+ community - 'Proper SCREAMO' which I'm posting on daily. I've also starting linking some full albums and live videos, so check it out!

Also, SED NON SATIATA has released the single from their upcoming album. Although I'm not completely sold on the song yet, it's growing on me. Check it out here, and then watch this live video, because it's amazing. I would also recommend picking up the ORCHID tribute compilation which Sed Non is a part of, and is linked here. It was released by DogKnight Productions, a record label from the UK which is putting out some of the best screamo releases right now. Check them out here. Screamo at its best, yo. Real screamo, not that fake shit I've been battling with people about on Google+.


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