Tuesday 5 December 2017

***YUNG NAT$ exclusive premiere***

"Get a Tan" from the Diploid split
exclusive song premiere
For fans of: Hedge Fund Trader, Cerce and Plague Walker
I've been itching to premiere this, for since my family and I first moved to Dunedin in New Zealand bassist Jörg and vocalist Lana have basically been our family here. I've lost count of the dinners and band practices, as we are also in Swallow's Nest with friends Gabe and Matthew, although my moving back to Canada in less than a week will extricate me from the group. You can watch a video of us from my last show here. Needless to say, I love these two people and their YUNG NAT$ bandmate/flatmate Ollie, who also plays guitar and does vocals in local war metal outfit Methchrist. The upcoming YUNG NAT$ split 12" is with Australian hardcore/screamo veterans Diploid and the band will be a plying a show this weekend, Friday December 8th at The Crown Hotel (linked here). Let's get to the actual song premiere.

(2017) YUNG NAT$ - "Get a Tan" (from 'Diploid' split)

"Get a Tan" is the second of five tracks on the YUNG NAT$ side. In just 47 seconds the four-piece tear through some seriously angry and pissed, yet danceable hardcore. After some brief feedback, the opening just shreds until the transition at 17 seconds from screamy powerviolence to yelled and bassy awesomeness, and the song teeters back and forth from there. I think the vocal work on this song in particular is fantastic, as Lana dips in and out of screeching and exceptional, smooth yelling that brings to mind the likes of Cerce and La Luna.

Here's some further reading about YUNG NAT$ from the massive New Zealand finds post where you can watch videos of three different shows, linked here. I've also done a podcast with Jörg which you can stream/download for free right here.

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