Wednesday 23 August 2017

***ZAGREB, CROATIA shows / Ostraca, Komarov, Hexis, Mališa Bahat & Adrestia***

June 14th, 2017
The first show that Mike and I went to was the first night in Zagreb. It was a very entertaining show with awesome sound but perhaps too much smoke machine, as you rarely see the drummers! A million thanks to Dragon, who let us stay at his place for a few days/nights. We can't thank you enough!

Openers from Brighton in the UK was the band that I first heard when they submitted their Jeromes Dream cover earlier this year and I loved it so much that I put it as the opening track on the tape tribute. They played a dark, menacing and intense set that got me very stoked to see them at Cry Me A River Fest 2017. If you dig the video I’ve embedded be sure to check back for more videos from CMAR where they absolutely destroy. You can watch a tidbit of them in the ‘Congratulations On Your Impending Vacation’ video at about 4:13-4:39 linked here.
ffo: Battle Of Wolf 359, June Paik and Ostraca


Next up was Richmond, VA’s OSTRACA. This three-piece was sensational. Being only my second time seeing them, I was excited but in honesty they blew away whatever expectations those may have been. First off, the sound was amazing and the band responded in kind, playing a very precise and engaging set that had me mesmerized. There will be a 20-minute video interview posted in September on this blog along with a discography review so be sure to watch out for that. Until then jam the songs below as well as their 2016 Swamp Fest set, linked here)
ffo:, Dolcim, 60659-C and Senneval


Playing dark, d-beat, crusty hardcore from Sweden were ADRESTIA. The four-piece was very proficient and embrace their black metal roots, I’d reckon. I enjoyed their set more than my general expectations of those genres were anticipating and I would also say that their in-between song information and thoughts were quite interesting to listen to.
Link to song: *1*
ffo: Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone and Perth Express


June 17th, 2017
Considering it was this day that Mike and I found out the мятеж tour was not to be, I had a really good time at what was planned to be our first show.

Let's get one thing straight, I fucking love Mališa Bahat. The reason I considered playing a show in Croatia was solely for seeing this band. Their debut EP 'Moments We're Lost In' was my number one EP of 2016 (proof = here) and I've spoken to the band about pressing that beautiful thing on a one-sided 12", so watch for that in early 2018. They play an awesome, furious and downright catchy screamo as was done in the late 90s and early 2000s around Italy, mixed with newer Malaysian screamo. A thing of beauty, this band. Check that shit out.
Most of set
The last song
ffo: Virginia On Duty, Jeanne and We Watch Clouds


Woah. What the hell, this was waaaaay crazier than I had anticipated. HEXIS, for lack of a better description, tore the place apart. Sinister? Yes. Maniacal? Definitely. Deathcore, extreme hardcore or black metal? I haven't the foggiest. Check that shit out for yourself. I think this was one of their forty shows on tour. Wowza!
Link to song: *2*
ffo: AmenRa, Converge and Rorcal


Here are some pictures from around Croatia.

 Mališa Bahat

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