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GenresPunk / Rock / Post-Rock / Post-Hardcore / Experimental Hardcore / Post-Metal / Alternative
Related artistsRinoa, Ancients, *Shels, Fireapple Red, March Of The Raptors and Devil Sold His Soul.
CountryLondon ENGLAND
Years Active1997-2003
Song: "California"
Album: "Bythewaters"
Year: 2001
For fans ofDeftones, Moving Mountains, Finch, Hopesfall, In Reverent Fear, La Parade, Chore, Endor, Inkling, Codeseven, Rinoa, Will Haven, Tool, Alexisonfire, Envy, Jude The Obscure, We Never Learned To LivePoison The Well, Recover, This Day ForwardThe Solo ProjectLyed, (early) Saosin and Glassjaw.
Label(s): Self Released / Shelsmusic
This post's artist is from the August 2017 Mix. This is track #6.
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The only reason I have any idea who MAHUMODO was is because in December of 2016 I reviewed the band Rinoa and was told this band shared members and was great. Yep. And yep. There's some cheese here not present in Rinoa, but considering pretty much of all their recordings were done between 2000 and 2002 (and compiled on 'Waves' in 2003, again in 2007 and finally on 12" in 2013) so it's not too surprising. I've never actually jammed any of the old EPs as I was sent the 2007 edition of 'Waves' which didn't have some of the early/heavier material. The new 10-year anniversary edition of 'Waves' includes some additional tracks so I'll do a run through of that release as it is streaming in full on their bandcamp page linked here.

"April's" is a beautifully balanced post-hardcore/melodic metalcore song that gathers the soft and pretty as well as the screamy and chugging sections from both ends of the spectrum and mashes them together. The 40-second intro is driving as hell and transitions well into the fluid and lush vocals that carry the song, although the breakdown and subsequent screaming at 1:52 take the cake. "Withme" isn't far from the opener, but the focus here is on melody for the first two and a half minutes before the few seconds of shred creeps in toward the end of the track. "*Waves" is a smooth concoction of the soft and heavy that teeters back and forth, sounding like Deftones, Moving Mountains, Endor and Codeseven with an ending that commits fully to violence from 3:47 to 4:35. "4" is pretty much a 1:25 acoustic guitar interlude, while "California" is much like "April's" and "*Waves", as it straddles that line yet again between serenading and crushing. 46 seconds in and the searing screams will get your attention, no doubt, and when the song lays back into Hopesfall/Poison The Well territory amidst the scorching sections you'll be keen to recline and relax, nestled between your headphones. "Herparadise" is a 6:33 trek through all things MAHUMODO, especially the dreamy post-hardcore instrumentals coupled with angelic singing as well as a sinister and dark closing. "Bythewaters" isn't far removed from the preceding track, as the band opts for massive, heaving and melodic post-hardcore sprinkled with atmospheric rock, but this track sheds the screaming and instead delves solely into soaring singing with little to no lyrics, it's just all melody, baby. "Orchids" (the rerecorded 2003 version) and "Shine" (also recorded in 2003), are the heaviest and most venomous songs that the band ever laid down. They both really have a Finch, Deftones, In Reverent Fear and even early Hopesfall feel as the vocals have that shrieky and pitchy feel to them, with the instrumentals bordering on metalcore most of the time.



2000 - Shels cdrEP

2001 - Bythewaters cdrEP

2002 - April's cdrEP

2003 - Waves cd/12"LP (stream/buy here)


(2003) MAHUMODO - "*Waves" (from 'Waves')

(2003) MAHUMODO - "Shine" (from 'Waves')

(2002) MAHUMODO - "April's" (from 'April's') official music video

(2001) MAHUMODO - "California" (from 'Bythewaters')

(2000) MAHUMODO - "Orchids" (from 'Shels')


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