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GenresPunk / Rock / Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz
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CountrySpokane, Washington U.S.A.
Years Active2003-2005
Song: "He Might At Least Let Her Have Tea In Peace"
Album: "My Life With The Spaniard"
Year: 2004
For fans ofArches, Cease Upon The Capitol, Sinaloa, Dolcim, Subjects/Rulers, The Sky Above And Earth Below, Eyes Of Verotika, Caught In The Fall, Ten Grand, Altar Of Complaints, Rickyfitts, Drive Like Jehu, Creepozoidz, D'Amore, Hugs, La Mantra De Fhiqria, Adaje, Light The Fuse And Run, Descubriendo A Mr. MimePortrëit, Jiyuna and Flashbulb Memory aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Self Released
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I don't even remember how I first heard about MY LIFE WITH THE SPANIARD, but they played awkward and angular, slightly akimbo, driving screamo from Spokane.

On the 'Demo there are some questionable melodies here and there and a few ill-advised transitions but generally it's an interesting listen to raw, passionate and broad stroke at screamo with definite glimpses into their near future. The last quarter of "The Smallest Horse From a Distance" has an excellent ending that really brings to mind Cease Upon The Capitol. "45 Love" experiments with poppy elements as well as metalcore, clean singing and gang vocals, none of which turn out that well. "They Start The Day With Coffee And The Paper" is the last song here and boasts some Bright Calm Blue love that I've gotta get behind, with touches of heavier screams ala Arches and Portrëit.

Is isn't until 2004's 'My Life With The Spaniard' when the real sound and awesomeness of the band is released. Gone are the poppy elements and attempts at heavy, growly nonsense. Instead they beautifully capture a melodic mix of chaotic hardcore and the emo/screamo genres, with the most apt comparison being Arches, Cease Upon The Capitol and Sinaloa. "He Might at Least Let Her Have Tea in Peace" is my personal favourite, especially the unreal section from 1:28 to 2:08 with soaring guitars and a driving , unstable core, but every track is great it its own way. I love the vocals, most of all. You can't get away from the Arches, Portrëit and Matt from Cease Upon The Capitol, Dolcim and Subjects/Rulers sound which is rarely replicated, whether it be on purpose or not. "Condoms Mixed in With the Action Figures" reminds me of Sinaloa while "Jesus Christ, Hero Number One Hundred and Twenty Three" and "They Start the Day With Coffee and the Paper" (rerecorded from the 'Demo') have some serious Creepozoidz and D'Amore going on, with the latter getting its math on during the screamy parts.

The progression from 2003 to 2004 was big, but that from 2004 to 2005 was minimal, likely because MY LIFE WITH THE SPANIARD had found their niche and sound. The opening track "Light On Story, Heavy On Gory" bangs out a killer Hugs-esque bass riff right from the get-go and after some rump shaking it transitions nicely into typical and highly enjoyable MY LIFE WITH THE SPANIARD screamo that they eventually layer with dual vocals, sounding akin to La Mantra De Fhiqria. The disjointed and screamy "Whenever the Genie is Around, Pleasure is Involved" is probably the best song here, but it is just that, a bit of a clusterfuck that ends up coming together even though it kind of doesn't. Huh? I dunno. "Aslan on the Move" has some guitar squealing going on which wasn't expected and doesn't play out as well as the rest. "The Great Outdoors, a Beautiful Woman, Plenty of Food, and Fire Ants" begins super chill and in general is more indie rock and emo than screamo until almost the three minute mark when we get back to playful, noodley screamy jams. Closer "Fuck Future" is another mathy song that includes a lot of great instrumental work and screamy vocals and closes with an audio sample.


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2003 - Demo 7"EP

2004 - My Life With The Spaniard EP

2005 - Eahs cdEP


(2005) MY LIFE WITH THE SPANIARD - "Fuck Future" (from 'Eahs')

(2005) MY LIFE WITH THE SPANIARD - "Whenever the Genie is Around, Pleasure is Involved" (from 'Eahs')

(2004) MY LIFE WITH THE SPANIARD - "He Might at Least Let Her Have Tea in Peace" (from 'My Life With The Spaniard')

(2004) MY LIFE WITH THE SPANIARD - "Condoms Mixed in With the Action Figures" (from 'My Life With The Spaniard')

(2003) MY LIFE WITH THE SPANIARD - "They Start The Day With Coffee And The Paper" (from 'Demo')


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