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GenresPunk / Post-Hardcore / Screamo
Related artistsSign Of Disgust and Jesus & Paka.
Country: Montpellier, FRANCE
Years Active2013-present
Song: "À la vie"
Album: "Fondation"
Year: 2016
For fans ofViva Belgrado, Rinoa, We Never Learned To Live, Young Mountain, Ravin, Potence, La ParadeVi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket, Yarostan, Sed Non Satiata, Past and Daïtro aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Self Released
This post's artist is from the May 2017 Mix. This is track #2.
You can download: the May 2017 Mix#5 right here or get the new June 2017 Mix#6 here.

Jérémy from QUASAR sent me their new album 'Fondation' back in April of 2017 and after 10 seconds I responded with something along the lines of, "Hot damn, this is sick!" So here we are while I'm vacationing in Sweden near the tail end of June 2017, perhaps a little late on this review.

QUASAR first released their self titled EP 'Quasar' a year or so after their inception in Montpellier, France. These five songs are well constructed and offer up a very enticing debut release. The post-hardcore meets French screamo isn't all that far from root bands such as Amanda Woodward and Sed Non Satiata, but doesn't really tie in the clean, groovy and atmospheric parts that balanced those bands out so well. And this isn't to say that QUASAR should have said parts, it's just the comparison I've got for ya. I like all the songs on here but nothing really blows me away.

Late last year QUASAR released 'Fondation' (also on cd) which is a big step-up for the band. Boasting only two members from the self-titled era (the guitarist and vocalist), the songs have taken on a much more organic form that relay additional nods to European screamo, as newer bands like Yarostan, Young Mountain, Rinoa and perhaps even Mihai Edrisch come to mind. The opener "À la vie" is a serious and accurate stab at screamo/post-hardcore and probably comes off most like Spanish all-stars Viva Belgrado. As previously mentioned it was this song that started my salivation over QUASAR, so maybe hit that track up first. "Bonjour la mort" begins faster than anything previously recorded and might be the heaviest in the vocal department, too. I think Young Mountain is probably the closest comparison here, and the song even includes some of the aforementioned softer, European post-rock/post-hardcore sections not found on their debut. "Nova" reminds me of Daïtro albeit a little heavier, but not as menacing as Potence. "Damoclès" follows the same path for the most part but injects more melody, playful guitar work and includes a nice, dreamy midsection. Closer "Le vent se lève" is a fitting closer that situates itself primarily in the post-hardcore realm, with valleys and plateaus that resemble Rinoa, if anything.

I believe the band is currently writing for an LP, but whatever they release next I'll be waiting eagerly for it.



2014 - Quasar cdEP (stream/buy here)

2016 - Fondation cdEP (stream/download/buy here)

(2016) QUASAR - "À la vie" (from 'Fondation')

(2016) QUASAR - "Bonjour la mort" (from 'Fondation')

(2016) QUASAR - "Damoclès" (from 'Fondation')

(2014) QUASAR - "Ma Chair" (from 'Quasar')

(2014) QUASAR - "Sur Ta Route" (from 'Quasar')


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