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GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Hardcore / Emo / Emotive Hardcore / Screamo / Skramz
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CountryKyoto JAPAN
Years Active2004-2012
Song: "最後に見える景色"
Album: "one theAter in square"
Year: 2008
For fans of: Evylock, Dip Leg, Forget Me Not, Funeral DinerEnvy, There Is A Light Never Goes Out, Nitro Mega Prayer, Kulara, 3cm Tour, Brume Retina, Sed Non Satiata, Who Calls So Loud…, Apollo 18, Hollow Jan, JR Ewing, Blue Friend, Маяк, Lakmé, Corea, Sora and Hue aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Self Released / Oto Records
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I'd like to officially welcome my spiritual kin Jesse Mowery as a monthly reviewer on this blog. He contacted me years ago about posting his band Altar Of Complaints and we kept in touch up until the first мятеж tour with People's Temple Project, at which point he officially joined мятеж as a touring member and we bonded like long lost twins. I am beyond ecstatic to know him and have him help with the (((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))) blog. Jesse, I love you buddy. Also, I'd never listened YARMULKE and this shit is amazing. It reminds me of Dip Leg meets Envy and Evylock. Very solid.

YARMULKE was shown to me by one of my bandmates a few years ago, and the more I listen to them the more I can’t stop listening to them. Finding any information on them has been extremely hard for me, as obviously it is the same name as the skullcap worn by Orthodox Jews. YARMULKE released two cds and a demo in their time as a band, both albums are a bit different but both offer some amazing contributions to the Japanese screamo scene. Mainly they have some beautiful guitar interplay, barely ever playing the same thing, more so focusing on building on each others’ melodies or filling in the gaps between notes.

Chronologically their 'Demo' comes first, but it’s more in line with the last release so I’ll come back to it later. Their first official release was a self-titled self-released cd 'Yarmulke' featuring six songs. The first and fifth tracks are similar to Envy’s early more hardcore sounding stuff, with "断絶" having some nice background clean vocals in it. "シータ", "字宙" and "マワル" hint at what’s to come on their second album, with slower tempos and more dynamics, each part evolving into the next. "カラス" starts out very much in the vein of Kulara, weird and dissonant, but changes into more beautiful parts with the guitars never playing the same thing, instead playing off of each other. The vocals on this one are slightly cringeworthy at a few places, but this is the only song where they bother me in any way.

Their second album 'one theAter in square' (no clue why the a is capitalized) starts out with a nice arpeggio, then the second guitar comes in adding more melody, and then BAM it gets intense with a tom heavy beat that sets the pace for the rest of the album. I’m in love with the guitars on this album, as for the most part they seem to be completing each other’s musical statements, filling in the gaps for each other or stacking chords on top of one another, creating some wonderful tension. There are more clean vocals on this album than the first, but still tons of screaming, and the cleans help with the dynamics of this record. "最後に見える景色" is the featured song I picked off of this, as it not only shows off all of the aspects of the guitars I have mentioned, but also a lot of the song is one beat yet they change so much over it, which I think is really interesting. The album is broken up by an instrumental called "39.7/noIZe(TRES)" that has some nice acoustic guitars with some sort of drum and what sounds like a field recording of street sounds. The riff from that comes back at the end of the next song, which is gives it a very epic feel. The last song, and the first and third songs are on the 'Demo' from four years ago, but whereas with the other two are just slightly different tempo-wise the demo version of "モノクロ" is quite different from the one on 'one theAter in square' as the demo (linked here) is almost twice as long with different tempos, and overall they just sound like completely different songs, but both are interesting nonetheless.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2004 - Demo cdEP

2006 - Yarmulke cdLP

2008 - one theAter in square cdLP


(2008) YARMULKE - "飛行機" (from 'one theAter in square')

(2008) YARMULKE - "糸" (from 'one theAter in square')

(2008) YARMULKE - "最後に見える景色" (from 'one theAter in square')

(2006) YARMULKE - "サチ" (from 'Yarmulke')

(2006) YARMULKE - "カラス" (from 'Yarmulke')

(2006) YARMULKE - "字宙" (from 'Yarmulke')

(2004) YARMULKE - "ハイウェイ" (from 'Demo')

(2004) YARMULKE - "モノクロ" (from 'Demo')


YARMULKE out of print mp3 discography download

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