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GenresPunk / Grindcore / Hardcore / Metal / Black Metal / Noise / Electronic / Experimental
Related artistsGlitter Pals.
CountryPoughkeepsie, New York / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
Years Active2003-2011
Song: "Chapels"
Album: "Dead Mountain Mouth"
Year: 2006
For fans ofThe Great Redneck Hope, Discordance Axis, Horse The Band, Deafheaven, The Avenging Disco Godfathers Of Soul, The LocustKissy Face Fashion Faux PasSee You Next TuesdayGigantic BrainAgoraphobic Nosebleed, An AlbatrossConverge, The Dillinger Escape PlanEd GeinMe And Him Call It UsiamerrorCurl Up And DieDaughtersUsurp SynapseThe Sawtooth Grin2 O'Clock Girlfriend, Monomate, The Austerity Program, The VSS, Little Girl Terrorist, (early) Venetian Snares, Arsonist Get All The Girls, Rolo Tomassi, GO With Fourteen OElectrocutionerdz, Da Bloody Gashes, Monotonix, Silver Apples, Disco Mule Terror, The Creation Of Modular Lights Within Darkness, Dance Club Massacre, Cloacal Kiss, Tower Of Rome, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Psyopus, Arsonist Get All The Girls, Cutting Pink With Knives and The Post Office Gals.
Label(s): Self Released / Crucial Blast / Relapse Records / Anticon / Lovepump United / Temporary Residence Limited / Crucial Bliss
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GENGHIS TRON are a band that I have a great amount of respect for. I really like their output and have a few songs in my massive archive of "greatest songs". That being said, I don't jam GENGHIS TRON very often. The primary reason for this is most likely because the music if fucking insane. I guess it sounds like a clusterfuck of The Great Redneck HopeDeafheavenAn Albatross and Aphex Twin, although I'm already aware not everyone agrees with these comparisons.

The band mixes black metal, grind, hardcore, ambient and experimental music into an amalgamated clusterfuck of noise and destruction. The venomous shrieks reminiscent of Discordance Axis meet Mike Patton-era The Dillinger Escape Plan as well as Ed Gein instrumentals and a crazy ass synth that harkens Horse The Band and An Albatross round out the band with Aphex Twin being the glue that binds them. GENGHIS TRON somehow managed to maintain this carnage and sonic assault for half of a decade before disintegrating into nothing after 2010. Forgoing drums and instead opting for synths and drum programs, the three members are all credited with keys as well as another instrument and/or vocals.

GENGHIS TRON landed first in 2003 with their 'Laser Bitch' cdr debut that sounds very much like An Albatross without the sass, but triple the violence and insanity as well as stronger links to ambient/electronic music. The opposites set of 'Cloak of Love' and 'Cape of Hate' followed in 2005 and 2006, with the former being the better of the two, as the latter is all remixes, demos and live stuff. Their 2006 LP 'Dead Mountain Mouth' has some fucking crazy grindy and experimental metal and houses two of my favourites, "Chapels" and "Greek Beds". The 'Triple Black Diamond' EP came out the following year and contains more live, demo and remix recordings but by 2008 they dropped what would most likely be argued as their masterpiece, 'Board Up the House'. Released on Relapse Records, this album was pushed very heavily on the aggressive and extreme music crowd yielding positive results. The album was the most experimental of the band's output and was also the last, as five remixes surfaced for the final album but nothing else was recorded or released by the band who disbanded sometime around 2010-2011.



2003 - Laser Bitch cdEP

2005 - Cloak of Love cd/10"EP

2006 - Cape of Hate cdEP
2006 - Dead Mountain Mouth cd/12"LP

2007 - Triple Black Diamond cdEP

2008 - Board Up the House cd/2x12"LP (stream/buy here)
2008 - Board Up the House Remixes Vol. 1 12"EP
2008 - Board Up the House Remixes Vol. 2 12"EP
2008 - Board Up the House Remixes Vol. 3 12"EP
2008 - Board Up the House Remixes Vol. 4 12"EP

2009 - Board Up the House Remixes Vol. 5 12"EP


(2008) GENGHIS TRON - "Board Up the House" (from 'Board Up the House')

(2008) GENGHIS TRON - "Things Don't Look Good" (from 'Board Up the House') official music video

(2008) GENGHIS TRON - "Endless Teeth" (from 'Board Up the House')

(2008) GENGHIS TRON - Interview w/The Hard Times

(2007) GENGHIS TRON - "Untitled Demo" (from 'Triple Black Diamond')

(2006) GENGHIS TRON - "Chapels" (from 'Dead Mountain Mouth')

(2006) GENGHIS TRON - "Greek Beds" (from 'Dead Mountain Mouth')

(2006) GENGHIS TRON - "Ride the Steambolt (demo)" (from 'Cape of Hate')

(2005) GENGHIS TRON - "Arms" (from 'Cloak of Love')

(2003) GENGHIS TRON - "'Penultimate' Just Means Second to Last, You Pretentious Fuck" (from 'Laser Bitch')


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