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GenresPunk / Rock / Hardcore / Metallic Hardcore / Alternative / Pop Punk / Emo"?"
Related artistsForedirelifesake, Grade, The Receiving End Of Sirens, Isles & Glaciers, Hard Calibers, Jerk Circus, Rescue, The Company We Keep, To The Lions and The Fullblast.
CountryBurlington, Ontario CANADA
Years Active2001-2007 / 2015-present
Song: "The Only Honest Love Song"
Album: "Demo"
Year: 2001
For fans ofChiodos Bros, Alexisonfire, My Chemical Romance, Silverstein, Grade, The Anatomy Of A Ghost, Foredirelifesake, Jude The Obscure, The Solo Project, Recover, The Used, Protest The Hero, La Dispute, Circa Survive, Poison The Well, Blink 182, The Fullblast, Saves The Day and Hopesfall.
Label(s): One Day Saviour Recordings / Forge Again Records / Ferret Music / Suburban Home Records / Roadrunner Records / Howling Bull / Good Fight Music
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Chances are I'll either be lambasted for only posting about the very first demo EP by BOYS NIGHT OUT or I'll be disregarded completely for even liking BOYS NIGHT OUT, considering what is usually posted here and the reactions I see online occasionally. But I don't really give a fuck. Our historic walk through music is individual to each person, so if you went through ska or metal, country or rap, pop-punk or indie rock, whatever the hell path that led you here, isn't that all that matters? Let's try to talk about music without being fucking assholes. It certainly seems to be a fine line with fans and haters of the band to begin with, but in the end this blog is about dishing out music you might not otherwise be aware of. And guess what, the first BOYS NIGHT OUT ep called 'You Are My Canvas' is actually pretty decent. I was going to write a review for this band and their discography but decided against it after speaking with my brother Mike, as my review is too short and...perhaps, scathing?

"BOYS NIGHT OUT were a band that, in the early 2000s, were breaking into a scene ripe for the taking with throat shredding screams and metallic hardcore amidst sugary sweet singing and pop-punk. Their initial debut 'You Are My Canvas' in 2001 was in constant rotation wherever I was around the time I was also listening to Poison The Well, Saves The Day, Silverstein and Hopesfall. I remember expecting their followup EP to be a dazzler, but I was sorely disappointed in 'Broken Bones and Bloody Kisses' and everything that came afterwards even more so. Basically, that first EP was all I enjoyed and listening back on it now is almost like watching a favourite childhood movie, it's great and awful at the same time. Although I still enjoy all four tracks on the cd, the lyrics certainly make me a little uncomfortable, as 'artistic' as they may be."

So, Mike decided to do a lengthier, more in depth and informative review for people who may want to check out BOYS NIGHT OUT. Go Mike.

Reviews such as these, always start or end with bands who 'sound like' the aforementioned. BOYS NIGHT OUT's are comparably tough. The band was definitely born out of the late nineties pop punk/screamo scene along the QEW highway in South Eastern Ontario, with bands like Alexisonfire, Silverstein, and Grade.

The sound of BNO is much more mishy mashy (complex) than the conventional, I scream now, you sing now, mentality of other bands on Victory, Ferret, and god knows where else. It feels like clap-your-hands pop music meets meaty, distorted, breakdown heavy screamo/hardcore. There are many sing song anthems (catchy karaoke-like tunes) on 'Trainwreck' (2005) and the two albums before and after 'Make Yourself Sick' (2003), 'Self Titled' (2007).

BNO's off timing twangy guitars can lead the listener down a road of melody, where a crushing riff and emotional breakdown can add depth to a very versatile sound. The tunes are generally fast with varying time signatures, allowing for an assault on genres as it can change from Blink 182 to The BloodBrothers to Poison the Well.

The vocals are a perfect fit as they aren't clean but are slightly raspy, giving the alcoholic and misogynist lyrics some dramatic effect. The anger or violence in some songs is contrasted nicely with happy sing along moments. It's not like, "this is the hard part, now we'll play the soft part and sing soft"... it's not like that. Anything goes. The screaming is done well when shared between members adding a dynamic effect (mostly live) and creating a thicker sound.

'Broken Bones Bloody Kisses' - The early 4 or 6 song EP (depending on which version you have) is a great mix of metal and pop punk, as black and white as BNO gets in their discography. Lyrically, it's ultra violent.

'Make Yourself Sick' - This shows the most interchange in guitar work and is considered one of their best works.

'Trainwreck' - The concept album is the most mature of the records, showing a wide range from pop rock to old school skate punk/screamo.

'Boys Night Out' - Good rock and roll album, slightly cheerier in tone, but still dark lyrics with fast beats and good sing-a-long songs.



2001 - You Are My Canvas cdrEP

2002 - Broken Bones and Bloody Kisses cd/12"EP

2003 - Make Yourself Sick cd/12"LP

2005 - Trainwreck cd/2x12"LP

2006 - Dude, You Need to Stop Dancing dvd

2007 - Boys Night Out cdLP

2016 - Black Dogs 10"EP


(2001) BOYS NIGHT OUT - "The Anatomy of the Journey" (from 'You Are My Canvas')

(2001) BOYS NIGHT OUT - "The Only Honest Love Song" (from 'You Are My Canvas')

 (2001) BOYS NIGHT OUT - "Sketch Artist Composite" (from 'You Are My Canvas')

(2001) BOYS NIGHT OUT - "Victor Versus Victim" (from 'You Are My Canvas')

(2002) BOYS NIGHT OUT - "Where We Breathe" (from 'Broken Bones and Bloody Kisses')

(2003) BOYS NIGHT OUT - "I Got Punched in the Nose for Sticking My Face in Other People's Business" (from 'Make Yourself Sick')

(2005) BOYS NIGHT OUT - "Medicating" (from 'Trainwreck')

(2007) BOYS NIGHT OUT - "Up With Me" (from 'Boys Night Out')

(2016) BOYS NIGHT OUT - "Of Waves" (from 'Boys Night Out')


BOYS NIGHT OUT out of print wma download for the 2001 Demo / additional links

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