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GenresPunk / Rock / Emo / Screamo / Hardcore / Skramz
Related artistsSneeze.
CountryBoston, Massachusetts USA
Years Active2004-2012
Song: "We Saw the Umbrella Man"
Album: "We Like It When the Red Water Comes Out"
Year: 2005
For fans ofGreyscale, Matsuri, Leer, Dear Tonight, Daniel Striped Tiger, Polina, Kodan Armada, Birthday Boyz, Youth Novel, Jiyuna, Wow, Owls, Tunes For Bears To Dance To, Annakarina, Healing Powers, Secret Smoker, The Reptilian, Creepozoidz, Deers!, Funeral Diner, Sinaloa, Montcalm and Adaje aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Adagio830 Records / Slave Union / Electric Human Project / Narshardaa Records / Communication Is Not Words / Midnight Werewolf Records
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L'ANTIETAM played a dizzying, semi-sloppy style of mathy, screamy hardcore than eventually morphed into punk/indie rock and hardcore mixture. I must say that I'm a much bigger fan of the band's earlier work that has them riffin' up the janglies and screaming like mad. If you'd like to check out these radder jams be sure to check out the ridiculously good (and perhaps named after Salad Fingers?) 'We Like It When the Red Water Comes Out' 7" which includes the band's best song "We Saw the Umbrella Man" that builds from 45 seconds onward by accumulating those drums and lyrics of, "Goddamn not a single line was read with the moonlight!" which culminates at 1:30 with a dizzying display of swirling, frantic guitar leads. "We Built Our Heavens" is another banger with killer parts, most notably the Envy dip they take a third of the way through the song. The 'L'Antietam' 12" was released in 2005 also and houses some sweet tunage as well, with "The Johnny Appleseed Trail" is a screamy number that balances between some of the heaviest moments and some relaxing, twinkly bits and reminds me a lot of Jiyuna meets earlier Greyscale and Adaje. "None of This is No Longer Worth My Time" is extremely playful post 1:35 and lends those catchy ass guitars to Leer, or I guess it'd be the other way around. "It's Hard to Listen to a Word you're Saying when your Spitting in my Face" is another track off the 12" worth mentioning as it goes ballistic at 1:01 and then slowly slides into Funeral Diner territory at 1:31 with moody, driving instrumentals and some well executed clean vocals.

Continuing to focus on the version of L'ANTIETAM that wets my appetite takes us to 2006 when the band released 'Family' on cd, which includes the exclusive Family EP (the first 10 songs), a bunch of unreleased songs, the 2006 split with Furnace and the 2005 7" and 12". First, the unreleased songs are pretty decent. Second, the 7" and 12" are out of print. Third, the Family EP kicks major ass and is the darkest stuff recorded by the band. "AM:JM" and "Boxes" are both hectic, chaotic and more than worthy examples of what the cd has to offer, and the bass jams during the last half of "AM:JM" are fantastic. In 2007 the band released the final album that really resonated with me, and that was the very mature but still amazing 'Arthur Carr' LP. It opens with "The Overture" and the weight of this song is prodigious and dense as fuck, shedding all mathy and playful notions for effective, thick and pummeling aesthetics that work extremely well at creating the mood that L'ANTIETAM was most likely going for. "The End Birth" is another one of my choice cuts from the band's final LP and again brings in a bit of an Akimbo and The Jonbenet vibe with the use of dirty, southern rock/hardcore and blends it with full out screaming and a second half that reverts back to previous releases with a lighter touch as well as a really driving and pleasing climax.

From 2008 to 2012 L'ANTIETAM released only 2 records, a split with Kidcrash titled 'Heavy Nugs and Heady Chugs' that contains two noisy hardcore/rock songs that don't share all too much in common with the band's screamy hardcore output, but they are decent nonetheless. L'ANTIETAM's final record in 2012 was a double 7" with two personalities. The first side is titled 'Rock Bottom' and takes the band's music and delves nearly 100% into indie rock/emo with iffy singing and dirty, thrashy hardcore (depending on the song), while the second side, called 'Dark Brew', continues on in the Akimbo fashion but injects much more rock and roll not unlike Maximum R'n'R as well as some very heavy hardcore moments and all as one song called "Dark Brew".

The band obviously released a ton of stuff in their existence with quite a bit of variety to it all. Download it all right here.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2005 - L'Antietam 12"LP
2005 - We Like It When the Red Water Comes Out 7"EP
2005 - Live at the Fallout Shelter cdrLP

2006 - Family cdLP (EP + out of print + unreleased compilation)
2006 - Furnace split 7EP

2007 - Arthur Carr cd/cassette/12"LP

2008 - Heavy Nugs and Heady Chugs (split w/Kidcrash) 7"EP

2012 - Dark Brew/Rock Bottom 2x7"EP


(2005) L'ANTIETAM - "We Saw the Umbrella Man" (from 'We Love It When the Red Water Comes Out')

(2005) L'ANTIETAM - "It's Hard to Listen to a Word you're Saying when your Spitting in my Face" (from 'L'Antietam')

(2006) L'ANTIETAM - "Boxes" (from 'Family')

(2006) L'ANTIETAM - "AM:JM" (from 'Family')

(2007) L'ANTIETAM - "The End Birth" (from 'Arthur Carr')

(2008) L'ANTIETAM - "Gnarthur Gnarr" (from 'Kidcrash' split)

(2012) L'ANTIETAM - "I Just Threw My Life Away and I'm Already Paying For It" (from 'Rock Bottom')

(2012) L'ANTIETAM - "Dark Brew" (from 'Dark Brew')


L'ANTIETAM out of print mp3/wma discography download

(download here)

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