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GenresPunk / Metalcore / Math-Metal / Hardcore
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CountryGrimsby, Ontario CANADA
Years Active1998-2004
Song: "Wake Up My Love"
Album: "The Coldest Winter"
Year: 2003
Label(s): OneDaySavior Records / Punkx Without Mohawks / Defiance Records
This post's artist is from the April 2015 Mix. This is track #12.
You can download: the June Mix#6 right here or get the new July 2015 Mix#7 here.
For fans ofFrom A Second Story Window, (old) Hopesfall, The End, Poison The WellAlexisonfireKillswitch Engage(old) This Day Forward, Protest The Hero, The Bled, Lyed, Converge and Beloved.

JUDE THE OBSCURE were a chaotic, violent and occasionally melodic metalcore band from the early 2000s around the Niagara region in Ontario, Canada. The band's songs were generally around the five-minute mark and involved chuggy breakdowns, some intricate/spacey parts and a whole lotta screaming that borders on sounding like puking. Oh, and on very rare occasions some decent clean vocals were sprinkled on there.

There is absolutely zero point in me doing any kind of history, as Abridged Pause has done an exceptional job at researching that and doing very investigative writing regarding the band, tensions and shows. Check it out here. The first demo is weak. The split cd okay. The LP is quite good. I also had the pleasure of seeing them live in Guelph at the Trasheteria late 2003 as I picked up their cd and still have it. Solid dudes whose tenure as a band was too short.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3/wma form.

1999 - A New Life of Painful Sin cdEP

2001 - A Perfect Place Vol.1 (split w/Burial Faith) cdEP

2003 - The Coldest Winter cdLP


(2003) JUDE THE OBSCURE - "Fingernails and Lampshades" (from 'The Coldest Winter')

(2003) JUDE THE OBSCURE - "Wake Up My Love" (from 'The Coldest Winter')

(2003) JUDE THE OBSCURE - "Eyes Bat Lash" (from 'The Coldest Winter')

(2001) JUDE THE OBSCURE - "Words On a Dirty Pane - Dissolution 1" (from 'A Perfect Place Vol.1')

(1999) JUDE THE OBSCURE - "Blue Static" (from 'A New Life of Painful Sin')


JUDE THE OBSCURE out of print mp3 discography download / additional links


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