Wednesday 10 September 2014


SKRAMDEN YARDS has been a consistent house show location in Toronto for the last 3 years. On August 17th, 2014 the international hub for punk/hardcore/screamo shows held it's last show. Dave from (((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))) put together the following short video with some Skramden Yards footage, memories and band videos. Linked on the Zegema Beach Records page are the full sets by FOXMOULDER (the house's last ever set), CAPACITIES (split in 2 parts due to extreme instrument breakage) and BLACKBELT (3 separate live videos), so click here for that.

This was extra special not only because I finally met one of my heroes, Tom Schlatter from You And I, The Assistant, This Ship Will Sink, In First Person, Black Kites, Less Life and Capacities (which was unreal), but because it was the final SKRAMDEN YARDS show, which was a basement show hub for international punk/emo/screamo over the last 3 years in downtown Toronto. I made this shitty little video to commemorate it, as I need a better program but am video programming illiterate, for the most part.


Embedded below are my favourite live cuts from each set along with a quick description of the band's style and a bandcamp link should you wish to pursue any of these bands further.

I would also strongly recommend checking out FOXMOULDER and CAPACITIES full sets and BLACKBELTS 3 songs by clicking on the Zegema Beach Records link below.

***Click HERE to watch pretty much every song played that night***

Foxmoulder played the most emotional set I've ever seen. If you are craving banter, info about the Skramden house, screaming and lots of calculated noise, check out their full set fer sure. New song "Tempest Ill" linked in the 16-minute video and the full ZBR post. Watch Em's (vocals) interview here.
I've been waiting more than 2 years to witness these fellas lay waste to my brain and they did not disappoint. Tom, Eric, Chris and Rob showed why they are one of the best hardcore/screamo bands around. Members have played in a plethora of bands such as You And I, The Assistant, This Ship Will Sink, Black Kites, and there's more! Click here to read my lengthy interview with the band back in 2013.
I'd never seen nor heard this band before, and I was pleasantly surprised. They played a dirty-yet-tight mix of screamy hardcore, punk and thrash. The song posted below blew me away, especially at the 1:13-mark. That is some sick ass bass, my friends.

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