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GenresPunk / Rock / Skate Punk / Pop Punk
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CountryCalgary, Alberta CANADA
Years Active1991-present
Song: "Church"
Album: "Best Hung Carrot in the Fridge"
Year: 1999
Label(s): Self Released / Sub Pop / Fat Wreck Chords / Honest Don's Recordings / Bad Taste Records / Delmonico Records / Rock & Roll Inc.This post's artist is from the September 2014 Mix. This is track #6.
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When I was in high school, I became obsessed with CHIXDIGGIT for a good couple of months. To this day I can jam those first 2 LPs and do nothing but smile. And sing along. Also, play air guitar. Oh, and reminisce about my youth. Lots of things!

CHIXDIGGIT combined humorous lyrics with catchy, thick and simplistic punk meets Stevie Ray Von and a bit of early, decent pop-punk. Personally, I only dabbled in the first 2 LPs and their out of print 'Best Hung Carrot in the Fridge' cdEP, primarily because of "Church" which is my favourite track by the band. Let's quickly take a gander at those lyrics, which are coupled with a fantastic fast, skate-punk meets pop-punk instrumental section, "You know how I feel about religion, there's better things for me to do on my Sunday. I try my best not to get involved, because I don't think that your gods can get my problems solved. I'm not for sale. No matter if it's golden ale. I'm not gonna suck your church off for some cookies and some ginger ale. Well I'm not gonna suck your church off!" and they pull off that obvious hatred with such precise melody.

But I digress, let's quickly go over the killer songs from the band's excellent debut LP 'Chixdiggit' which dates way back to 1996. "Great Legs" is a very quick but extremely catchy number with silly lyrics that'll get stuck in yer head fer sure. The lyrics for the entire song are, "Great tits, great legs, great body but she had a bad attitude. All my friends thought she was snotty and my mom thought she was rude, but I like like like liked her anyway. She threw it in my face." Love that song. "Where's Your Mom" is pretty funny and starts KJ Jansen's seeming obsession with mothers, as the chorus, "Try to look like your mom, try to act like your mom, try to smell like your mom. Couldn't girl, oh where's your mom." For the longest time, until about 10 seconds ago actually, I thought it was, "I act like your mom" which was much more amusing than these lyrics. Ah well. "Henry Rollins is No Fun" is another funny number with the band's patented extremely repetitious choruseseseseses. "I Wanna Hump You" is self explanatory, and I joked with my wife about having this on our wedding mix. "Angriest Young Men (We're The)" is a really good mixture of their poppy punk rock with some darker, angsty (although sarcastic, I would presume) lyrics and, much like "Shadowy Bangers from a Shadowy Duplex", are songs that CHIXDIGGIT obviously crafted in a different way than the majority of their tracks, as they both have a different feel to them. The latter of the two is an excellent song with a dark, Ramones-influenced undertone. "I Drove the Coquihalla" may only be a good song because of the repetitious chorus...the really repetitious I'm talking about the syllables being repeated like stuttering Jimmy in South Park repetitious, and it is glorious.. The closer "(I Feel Like) Gerry Cheevers (Stitch Marks on My Heart)" is probably the closest thing to a serious song on the record which equates a hockey player's stitches to his heartbreak and actually hits 3 minutes, which is uncommon for the band.

CHIXDIGGIT's follow up had some amazing songs, but as a whole doesn't hold up to their previous endeavor, although I wouldn't be surprised if many fans argued this point. That being said, songs like "Chupacabras" (a song so catchy that my dad and wife have explicitly demanded that I no longer play it - my dad once told me it was in his head for 3 days!), "Quit Your Job" (a 30-second song about the boy band Hanson which also appeared on the 101 band, 30-second song comp 'Short Music for Short People'), "Gettin' Air" (a more than decent opener) and "2000 Flushes" (another silly but catchy number).

My favourite track, as mentioned above, is "Church" from the 'Best Hung Carrot in the Fridge' cd and is the only good track, but the other tracks definitely help show the band's development from the early to late 1990s.

CHIXDIGGIT lyrics could easily be taken the wrong way, or seem overly sexualized to some girls and women (and men too, I guess), but this was part of my adolescence and didn't rub me that way...I just thought it was funny. Hopefully you can check'em out and find at least a few choice cuts. Mine would be "Church", "Great Legs", "Shadowy Bangers from a Shadowy Duplex", "Chupacabras" and "Quit Your Job"...aka all the songs posted below. I might as go as far as saying that CHIXDIGGIT is the Nada Surf of pop-punk...especially the vocals!


Click )==>here<==( to download a fair amount of the band's discography in mp3 form.

1993 - Humped cassetteEP

1995 - Best Hung Carrot in the Fridge 7"

1996 - Chixdiggit cd/12"LP (download here)
1996 - "Shadowy Bangers from a Shadowy Duplex" 7"
1996 - "Where's Your Mom" promo cd

1997 - "Chupacabras" 7"

1998 - Born on the First of July cd/12"LP (download here)
1998 - Chronic for the Troops (Groovie Ghoulies split) cd/7"EP (download here)

1999 - Best Hung Carrot in the Fridge cdEP w/media content (download here)

2000 - From Scene to Shining Scene cd/12"EP

2000 - Best Hung Carrot in the Fridge 10"EP

2005 - Pink Razors cd/12"LP (download here)
2005 - Venerea split cd single

2007 - Chixdiggit II cdLP (re-recording of older songs)

2011 - Safeways, Here We Come cd/12"EP

2013 - Double Diggits! cd (compilation)


(2000) CHIXDIGGIT - "Church" (from 'Best Hung Carrot in the Fridge')

(1998) CHIXDIGGIT - "Chupacapbras" (from 'Born on the First of July') official music video

(1996) CHIXDIGGIT - "Great Legs" (from 'Chixdiggit')

(1996) CHIXDIGGIT - "Shadowy Bangers from a Shadowy Duplex" (from 'Chixdiggit')

(1996) CHIXDIGGIT - "(I Feel Like) Gerry Cheevers (Stitch Marks on my Heart)" (from 'Chixdiggit')

(1998) CHIXDIGGIT - "Quit Your Job" (from 'Born on the First of July')


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