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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Emo-violence / Screamo / Powerviolence / Ambient / Skramz
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Country: Donauwörth, GERMANY
Years Active2004-present
Song: "Performers in Handing Out Quietness"
Album: "June Paik 7inch"
Year: 2004
Label(s): Self Released / Sons of Vesta / React With Protest / Parade of Spectres / Forged in Iron / Utarid Tapes / builtonfriendship Records
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JUNE PAIK is band I got into because of my own enigma of a hero, Adam Ohnono from Quebec. That guy brought his distro to a Hot Cross/Holy Shroud show in Toronto back in 2004 and he recommended The Flying Worker, Ruhaeda and this band to me. I fell in love hard and fast, and still do to this day. It's so heavy and screamy, and then the band breaks out a really thick, dense, atmospheric glaze over the dark/dank instrumental interludes that I would have to describe as doombiance. These Germans are excellent at structuring some long, epic songs with both slow builds and crushing speed. I could go through and describe each song but I can't keep doing that or my baby will starve.

My favourite release would have to be the band's first 7" from 2004 and the succeeding self titled 12" from 2005 (there are 4 self titled releases, so it gets confusing). "Performers in Handing Out Quietness" from the 7" is definitely my favourite JUNE PAIK song, and was obviously the reason I put in on the OMSB mix. Those vocals at the beginning are so throaty and screamy which lead to my favourite slow, dreamy and dark trip before they bang through the next minute and then jump into Joshua Fit For Battle and Neil Perry territory...you know, my favourite territory.

They were also on most of the React With Protest 'Emo' Destruction series with band's doing 30-second songs. I'd say the closest thing out there to JUNE PAIK should you (and you should) have the itch to get similar stuff were the now defunct Angel Eyes (long epic screamo/metal) and newer stuff like Swan Of Tuonela (abrasive and ambient emo-violence). But let's be honest, there's only one JUNE PAIK, and they fucking own. I think a few of the records (the 2013LP, at least) might still be for sale so pick them up. Thier stuff is amazingly packaged and gets rare quick! Oh, and the music is unreal.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2004 - Demo cdrLP
2004 - June Paik 7"EP

2005 - June Paik cd/12"LP
2005 - Emo Armageddon 7" comp (contributed "Cocoon")

2006 - Emo Apocalypse 12" comp (contributed "Himmelfahrt")

2007 - Titan split 12"EP

2008 - June Paik 10"EP
2008 - Emo Annihilation 6" comp (contributed "Kriechtierkonvent")

2009 - Discography cassette compilation

2010 - Battle Of Wolf 359 split 7"

2013 - June Paik 12"LP


(2004) JUNE PAIK - "Performers in Handing out Quietness" (from 'June Paik' 7")

(2004) JUNE PAIK - "Swallow All; It Runs Too Deep" (from 'June Paik' 7")

(2005) JUNE PAIK - "Grobes Rund" (from 'June Paik' 12")

(2005) JUNE PAIK - "Cocoon" (from 'Emo Armageddon' comp")

(2007) JUNE PAIK - "Schlittschuhlaufen" (from 'Titan' split)

(2008) JUNE PAIK - "I" (from 'June Paik' 10")

(2010) JUNE PAIK - "Grenzwert" (from 'Battle Of Wolf 359' split)

(2013) JUNE PAIK - "Traufe" (from 'June Paik' 12")


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